Here Are 8 Coldest Places In Pakistan

Here Are 8 Coldest Places In Pakistan
Here Are 8 Coldest Places In Pakistan

Pakistan has grown in popularity as a tourism destination around the world in recent years. And the north has gotten a lot of well-deserved attention. However, the attractiveness is not just worldwide, but it is also found in Pakistan. Every year, Pakistan is subjected to intense humidity and heat, which is increasing. Winter, on the other hand, only lasts 2 to 4 months. Therefore, this spherical figure is particularly common in Pakistan\’s major cities. As a result, individuals from big cities yearn to experience winter and travel to the north. In the northern parts of Pakistan, the temperature tends to stay colder and then drops precipitously in the winter. Here are some Coldest Places In Pakistan.

The people of the north extend a warm welcome to all visitors with love and compassion. It is safe to assume that if you have a taste for adventure and want to learn more about the country, this is a must-see destination for you. You must go to these sites at least once in your life.

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1 – Gilgit Baltistan 


Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan\’s mythical northern region, is an administrative territory managed by Pakistan and located on the northern side of Azad Kashmir. When the issue arises as to where in Pakistan is the coldest, the glacier regions of Gilgit Baltistan are unquestionably the answer. It is also known as Coldest Places In Pakistan in the winter and Pakistan\’s coldest place in the summer. The temperature in this area is usually below -20 degrees Fahrenheit. The Karakoram, Hindu Kush, and K2 are just a few of the glaciers and mountain ranges.

Those who have visited Gilgit Baltistan know how chilly it can be in the winter. It can freeze your bones. Therefore it\’s best to keep yourself busy to stay warm.

2 – Skardu


Skardu is known for its extreme cold; the temperature is generally -20 degrees Fahrenheit, but it drops to about -10 degrees Fahrenheit as soon as winter arrives. The mountain range in the area causes dramatic temperature swings, and it also acts as an important region due to its proximity to the Karakoram mountain range. Every year, hundreds of climbers hike in the mountains, and many tourists come to see this wild, calm, and full-of-nature region.

3 – Astore


Astore is a lovely destination to visit if you\’re planning a trip to Pakistan\’s northern regions. There is a less well-known region because people do not frequent it due to a lack of information about it. In July, Astore, which is also the coldest place in Pakistan in the winter, has mostly temperate weather. When winter arrived, however, the entire area was blanketed in snow, which was exceptionally deep, measuring up to 2-3 feet thick, and the temperature dropped to -16. Astore is know as Coldest Places In Pakistan.

4 – Kalat


Kalat is a historical town in the Kalat region of Balochistan, Pakistan, and it is the coldest site in Pakistan. Kalat-e-Brahui and Kalat-e-Sewa are two names for it. Kalat has a cold, abandoned climate that keeps the place frigid all year, and there is no rainfall. As a result, Kalat\’s average temperature is 14.1 degrees Fahrenheit.

5 – Parachinar


Parachinar is a small town in Pakistan\’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, located outside of the Khurram district. It is as lovely as its name suggests. It has a nice taste to it. However, it is Coldest Places In Pakistan location due to its proximity to Kabul\’s colder region.

6 – Malam Jabba


Malam Jabba is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Beautiful trekking grounds and gorgeous mountain vistas distinguish a hill station and a ski resort. Swat Valley is near the Hindu Kush mountain range. The temperature stays at 31 degrees in the summer and lowers to 11 degrees in the winter. Tourists can visit this location at any time of year, depending on their inclinations. It is one of the Coldest Places In Pakistan.

7 – Hunza


Hunza is one of Pakistan\’s most quiet, mysterious, untamed, and stunningly beautiful regions. The beautiful Karakoram mountain range and the mighty Himalayas are snuggled in the Gilgit Baltistan region. Its impressive forts, particularly the Khujerab Pass (on the Pakistan-China border), entice visitors to visit and stay. In the summer, the temperature surrounding Khunjrab pass stays frigid, making it Pakistan\’s coldest location. But this exquisite location has so much more to offer. It warmly embraces every human being and demonstrates its magic with each passing minute, leaving everyone in wonder.

Hunza is also known as \’Heaven on Earth,\’ which is entirely accurate in terms of its beauty and surroundings. In addition, Gilgit Baltistan has a mountain valley. The temperature drops about once a year due to the mountain ranges.

8 – Chitral


Chitral is a well-known and enjoyable tourist destination. In the northern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on the Chitral River. Chitral is the administrative centre of the Chitral District. It has one of the Coldest Places In Pakistan also colest climates in the world. Chitral is known for its fascinating culture, hospitality, and beautiful clothes. Chitral is a historical Greek Civilization with a long history. Because the dwellings are modest and set on a slope, it feels like a small village.


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