5 Best Bridal Makeup Beauty Salon In Lahore

5 Best Bridal Makeup Beauty Salon In Lahore

Makeup Artists these days are overcharging and taking advantage of the fact that people will flock to them for makeup because a wedding is the only festival to look forward to. These cosmetic artists have begun to overcharge for their services, making it harder for the average household to combine services such as pedicures, manicures, and massages. Lahore has a little bit of everything, from food to clothing and various accessories, from salons to bridal photography. Ladies in Pakistan frequently visit bridal salons because it is always wedding season. Finding the ideal salon for your big day can be difficult, so Here is a list of the top beauty salon in Lahore.


When it comes to the makeup industry in Lahore, Madeeha\’s is one of the oldest names. Her salon offers various services such as spa, facial, body massages, hair styling, party makeup, bridal makeup, and related services, and she has a large fan base and clients. This is the place to go if you\’re seeking a bridal salon that provides a wide range of services. This is the spot to go for anything from makeup services to single and couple shoots.

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This is one of Lahore\’s most well-known and oldest salons. Masarrat Misbah founded it in the early 1980s, and it offers a wide range of everyday services to its customers. In the fields of party makeup, bridal makeup, and professional model photo sessions, Depilex has built a reputation for itself. Mrs. Masarrat also provides instruction to individuals at very modest rates, and several of her students have gone on to open successful parlors of their own. Deplex is one of the best beauty salon in Lahore.

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Toni & Guy


Toni & Guy is a household brand around the world, a global legend. For party makeup, model makeup, and walima makeup, Nauman is the big favorite. He has a sensual, glossy look that is reminiscent of monsoons. Aside from him, they have a team of specialists eager to help you look your best for the big day.  Since its introduction in Lahore, it has progressively developed into the \’it\’ spot for folks seeking to follow the latest hairstyle and makeup trends. Toni & Guy has a solid reputation in Pakistan for casual and party makeup and styling. However, it still has to make its way into the bridal cosmetics sector, where some strong competitors will undoubtedly give it a run for its money.



Nabila is a favorite option for celebrities, and award shows all around Pakistan. We haven\’t seen many Nabila brides yet, but they provide a wide range of services, including manicures, pedicures, hairstyle, and coloring. Make an appointment with Nabila to see what she can do to help you with your hair before the wedding; she is incredible. Nabila consider as one of the beauty salon in Lahore.

Amina Raja Makeup Studio


This will be your choice if you decide on more Arabic makeup. It is a little costly for families who want to spend the basic things or the average on a Pakistani wedding (given how many costs the bride\’s side already has). This is a great option for individuals who enjoy their makeup to stand out!


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