Cat Food Price in Pakistan – Best Cat Food for your Cat

Cat Food Price in Pakistan – Best Cat Food for your Cat

Many individuals now pet cats at home thanks to Pakistan’s cat craze. We can observe that practically every neighbourhood resident owns a cat, and that, too, is a rare breed with extraordinary traits. As a result, there is a greater need for cat food, and very few indigenous brands are producing Cat Food Price in Pakistan.

Best Cat Food Brands in Pakistan

The following are some of the highest-quality cat foods that are easily accessible in Pakistan. All items are Cat Food Price in Pakistan consistently based on the raw materials employed.

  • Royal Canin Cat Food
  • Reflex Cat Food
  • Fluffy Cat Food
  • Taste of the Wild Cat Food
  • Nutra Gold Cat Food

Royal Canin Cat Food

A French company produces Royal Canin cat food. The business offers cat food for all life stages, from the time of conception till the kitten develops into an adult cat. The firm has produced a variety of cat feeds for all life stages, some of which are listed below.

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Royal Canin Mother and Baby

The cats are fed this cat food during the gestation and nursing periods. For up to four months, the kitten can also receive it. This cat food aids digestion and strengthens the immune system. It supports the maintenance of a balanced, nutritious diet.

Royal Canin Kitten food

This category includes a wide range of ranges. You can buy kitten food based on the requirements and needs of your cat. This is safe from a cat that is a year old to a baby that is two months old. It has probiotics that keep the gut flora balanced and help produce high-quality stools. Additionally, it includes vital nutrients your cat needs during its developing years.

There are hundreds of different Royal Canin cat food options available. These are a few of them.

  • Royal Canin Cat Jelly
  • Royal Canin Persian Cat food
  • Hairball Royal Canin Control
  • Royal Canin gastrointestinal Wet Food Pouch.

Reflex Cat Food

Another well-liked brand of cat food in Pakistan is Reflex. The cat food given by this supplier is of good quality. Many cats enjoy the taste of this cat food. Reflex Kitten Chicken is one of this company\’s most well-known cat feeds. It is produced with chicken protein and is nutrient-rich. For kittens who are still developing, this is advantageous. They become stronger, as a result, keeping them busy and healthy. Your adult sterilised cat\’s nutritional needs are especially met by Reflex Sterilized Catfish.

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Reflex multicolour cat food also helps to save your cat\’s appetite. It has many colours and a bright appearance that cats find attractive. There are two more well-liked cat foods from this brand, Reflex Adult Cat Chicken and Reflux Anchovy.

Fluffy Cat Food

It is yet another brand of cat food that is new. This dish was created with consideration of Pakistan\’s extreme weather. You can keep your cat cool. Additionally, it helps to make the fur soft and shiny. Additionally, the meal includes vital nutrients that keep your cat healthy and smart. For cats and kittens, different serving sizes are required.

Taste of the Wild Cat Food

This brand\’s food has remarkable quality. Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A are present in the product. This brand\’s cat food has a high protein and low-fat content. It is very beneficial for cats of any age. Cats of all ages and stages can receive it. Many cats adore the remarkable quality of this cat food\’s flavour. Any cat breed may receive it. It is offered for a reasonable price.

Nutra Gold Cat Food

One of the cat owners\’ favourite cat food brands is Nutra Gold. There is a wide variety of cat food available from which to pick. For instance, this company sells senior indoor cats, picky adult cats, indoor adult cats, indoor kittens, and Nutra-gold grain-free cat food.

The cat food is produced by the cat\’s age and nutritional needs. It is also reasonably priced. The business offers a variety of goods. You can decide based on the cat\’s age and needs.

 Starting Price of Best Cat Food Price in Pakistan

Cat FoodPrice in Pakistan
Royal Canin Cat FoodStarting Price 1050/-PKR
Reflex Cat FoodStarting Price 1400/-PKR
Fluffy Cat FoodStarting Price 640/-PKR
Taste of the Wild Cat FoodStarting Price 2350/-PKR
Nutra Gold Cat FoodStarting Price 1050/-PKR


Some of the top cat food manufacturers in Pakistan are represented by the abovementioned brands. There are other additional cat food manufacturers, and the cost of each item varies. In Pakistan, you can get these in any hypermarket or supermarket.


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