6 Ways to Celebrate Eid Ul Fitr In Pakistan At Home

6 Ways to Celebrate Eid Ul Fitr In Pakistan At Home
6 Ways to Celebrate Eid Ul Fitr In Pakistan At Home

As Muslims around the world celebrate Ramzan, the holy month is coming to an end. Visits to friends and family and visits to the mosque and other public places are normally part of the festivities. Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan will be held on May 14th this year. With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe and strict stay-at-home orders being issued, there\’s no denying that this year\’s celebrations will be a little duller than normal. But that doesn\’t rule out the possibility of ushering in the festival spirit.

1 –  Eat Something Nutritious and Immune-boosting for the day.


 Eid delights and delicacies are something that everyone anticipates. Although we\’re sure most of us will be busy in the kitchen, why not include something safe and nutritious in your meals? Including some Vitamin C-rich foods, vegetables, and antioxidant-rich foods to help round out our feasting and ensure a healthy diet.

2 . Follow social distancing 

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Even though the lockdown restrictions in some parts of the country have eased and travel has been permitted, it is critical that you adhere to the rules of social distancing, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces, avoid touching germy areas, and wear a mask at all times.

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3 –  Help The Poor and Needy


One of the most important pillars of Islam is almsgiving and charity, and many Muslims around the world make it a point to practice social welfare. It might be a good idea to support those in need this year. Many people who have been affected by the unprecedented crisis are finding it difficult to maintain rations or obtain protective equipment to remain alive. You can help those in need right now by distributing money and grains. Some of the ways to experience the festival include charity, fundraising, and practicing appreciation. This is the best way to celebrate Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan.

4 – Decorate your home


Guys, it\’s Eid, and the house should be decorated accordingly! It\’s another activity that\’s sure to be enjoyable for the whole family. This season, lanterns, candles, and fairy lights are your best friends. Decorate your home with banners, wall hangings, and new sheets, and accent your walls with pretty lights.

5 –  Don\’t forget to put on some dressup

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You may be remaining indoors all day for the festival, but that doesn\’t mean you have to wear your pajamas. Dressing up for a change will make your day more enjoyable and provide a welcome break from the lockdown routine.

6 – Do photoshoot at Home


Don\’t worry; we haven\’t forgotten about Eid Photoshoot at Home.  It\’s Eid, so you and everyone else at Home want to get all dressed up. Do a photoshoot with family and share on social media. Still, we can\’t go out and celebrate just yet. It\’s Eid ul Fitr in Pakistan and all over the world So, everyone should stay at home and stay healthy.


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