5 Simple Ways You Can Celebrate Mother’s Day

5 Simple Ways You Can Celebrate Mother’s Day
5 Simple Ways You Can Celebrate Mother’s Day

Every home is incomplete without mom. Mother\’s day is celebrated every year in May.  In our busy lives, we can\’t give time to our love once this speciality is the reason to give time to our mothers.  But, of course, mother\’s day should not be the only specific reason to celebrate your bond with her. In the hustle-bustle of life, we tend to get so busy that we cannot spend quality time with our family. However, the current lockdown situation will make it a little tricky if you want to take her out. But don\’t worry, here we have a list of all the things you can do to celebrate Mother\’s day at home.

Gift Something Special


Gift her something she has wanted to get for the longest time. Something which she can use in her daily life, like a journal or a pair of cute slippers or buy online cloth. So, every time she uses them, she is reminded of the love you have for her. celebrate Mother\’s day by give her gift.

Give Special Time


You can give special time to your mother. If you are not living together, plan a long live video call. There’s nothing our parents want more than our undivided attention. Ask her what makes her happy, what she misses in life, what she struggles most with, and try to comfort her. 

Cook Her Favorite Food


Mothers have to do all the kitchen work, even while fasting. Why not give her a day off by taking over? Or just cooking her favourite meal for iftar. Don’t let her enter the kitchen, simple. She needs to be in her room, reading her favourite digest or watching her favourite television serial. 

Set Up Home Spa


Every woman loves to be pampered. You can easily give your mother an at-home spa day, especially during the lockdown when she can’t go to the salon. Get your bath and body items to make a DIY manicure and pedicure ready. Give her a nice massage with some essential body oils and make an organic mask from ingredients in your kitchen. These tend usually suit all skin types.  If you were planning to take out your mother for a much-needed spa day and the city’s situation is now coming your way. 

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Plan Movie Night


A generation gap tends to create different interests in the genre of movies we like to watch. But for a change, pick a film of your mother’s choice and take her back to her memories and those golden times of her youth. Also, don’t forget to order her favourite snacks. This year celebrate Mother\’s day with movie night at home. Speaking of her favourite television serial, there is nothing that gives Pakistani mothers more joy than Pakistani dramas. And it won’t hurt if you could watch some of them with her. Watching shows together is just another way of spending quality time with someone you love. And by watching something they love, you establish that you care about what they’re interested in.


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