All the Pakistani celebrities attending FIFA World Cup 2022

All the Pakistani celebrities attending FIFA World Cup 2022

celebrities attending FIFA World Cup 2022: Pakistani actors attended the thrilling encounter between Argentina and France with many other worldwide icons, although the Pakistani football team could not qualify for the FIFA World Cup.

Argentina won the title, but Lollywood performers also had some pleasant memories to carry with them.

Former Miss Croatia Violates Dress Code in Revealing Outfit at FIFA World Cup

These A-list celebs were star-struck, posing for photos with other famous people to promote unity and peace while giving them their ideal fan moment.

celebrities attending FIFA World Cup 2022

The championship game was filled with expectation, cheers, jeers, and, of course, David Beckham himself. Sajal Aly and Mehwish Hayat, two accomplished Lollywood actors, had their fangirl moment documented in photographs with the “Golden Ball.” At the same time, icons like Humayun Saeed and Sania Mirza were spotted with their families.

Bollywood actor with good looks As Hayat prompted Kartik Aaryan to predict the winner, they both ran into Hayat.

Despite being photographed with foreign celebrities, these Lollywood heavyweights didn’t forget to pose with their “own kind of folks.”

For those unaware, Argentina and France’s encounter in the championship game marked the end of the $220 billion “highest expensive FIFA World Cup.” Kylian Mbapp√© of France earned the Golden Boot, while Argentina emerged victorious in the gripping game.


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