13 Best Clothing Brands for Men in 2023

Best Clothing Brands for Men 2023

There have been numerous advancements in fashion as brands for men during the previous few years. clothing brands for mens in pakistan have moved in a variety of directions toward more liberated wearing. Previously, it was a social construct that men could not dress up in various ways and that only women were highly involved in fashion. However, as time passed, people began to deconstruct this construct, resulting in a great deal of liberation in this sector. This is how one might bridge the gap and become more open to experimenting with different approaches.

With so many new businesses entering the fashion industry, certain Pakistan native brands. They\’ll keep doing what they\’re doing, with client happiness as their priority. Due to a lack of technology, consumers were limited to only shopping from a few brands and could not explore 

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 The most frequent and go-to clothing for people can be worn at any time or in any location, depending on the situation. There would be an ocean of alternatives to pick from with so many new prints and patterns in a tee.


This outfit can come in a variety of styles. It\’s usually reserved for slightly more formal occasions. A person who goes to work every day, for example, prefers to wear formal or semi-formal clothing. It can also be worn for casual occasions, such as a house party or a brief shopping trip. There are some clothing brands for mens in Pakistan sales different shirts.


A pair of comfortable jeans is a popular bottom wear item among men for a variety of reasons. Finding that one ideal pair of jeans is undoubtedly a difficult endeavor for many. This item is an important part of any man\’s wardrobe and should be readily available.

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Vests and Briefs

 These two pieces of innerwear are the most crucial and at the top of the list for men\’s fashion. Apart from necessities, these items must be collected to carry out men\’s fashion clothing in the best feasible method.

Trousers or joggers

These are the most crucial clothing for men\’s bottom wear. It will be unusual if a person sits back and imagines his closet without a pair of comfortable trousers.

Shorts or Boxers

No one can envision their wardrobes without a pair of appropriate shorts at all times. The appropriate boxers or shorts, especially during the summer, can assist a person stay calm at all times by offering the right level of breathability to their body.

Best Clothing Brands for Mens In Pakistan

1 – Outfitters


Outfitter is the most popular brand among young people since their outfits are consistently on style. You may find the most up-to-date apparel styles, as well as a wide range of ultimate accessories such as watches, jewelry, shoes, and other items. Outfitters is popular with men and ladies because they have the most stylish variety of western apparel and shoes that are the right mix of casual and non-formal wear. Outfitters is one of the best clothing brands for mens in pakistan.

2 – Junaid Jamshed J.


When it comes to ethnic clothes, Junaid Jamshad is one of the most popular clothing brands for mens in Pakistan among buyers. J. began their brand with only men\’s apparel, but after some time, they expanded to include women\’s clothing, which has received a lot of favorable responses from their customers. In Pakistan, Junaid Jamshed has around 50 stores. This has made the brand well-known in Pakistan and internationally, with outlets in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Arab Emirates.

3 – Charcoal


In Pakistan, Charcoal is one of the most popular brands for men\’s clothes and accessories. Although Charcoal is better renowned for its western apparel, its kurtas have gotten much attention in recent years. Their trendy collection isn\’t up yet, but it\’s one to watch. When it comes to western wear, charcoal is the greatest option because they have the best men\’s clothing. 

They use the most appropriate colors and designs, which might be the show-stopper for many people. They were founded in 2008 and now have over 30 locations, which is a great placement for a company and explains why their clients adore them. Men\’s clothing includes formal shirts, T-shirts, three-piece suits, and other options.

4 – Gul Ahmed\’s 


Every design of Gul Ahmed\’s clothing reflects the actual spirit of our ethnic tradition. They are well-known for displaying the highest level of elegance in their designs, which exemplifies the true core value of our culture. In our society, men are confined by darker colors, and the only color we generally see in men\’s wear is darker colors, so here is Gul Ahmed, who plays with colors even in men\’s wear, with bright and light colors. Another advantage of Gul Ahmed is that they provide casual and formal clothing for males, which can be stitched or unstitched. Gul Ahmed is one of the best clothing brands for mens in pakistan

5 – Deepak Perwani


Deepak Perwani is a well-known Pakistani designer. Perwani began his career as an actor before deciding that his talent was better suited to fashion design. He understood this early on in his acting career. He is the individual who has made a significant difference in the fashion industry simply by incorporating uniqueness into his creations. Perwani is well-known for his wedding and bride/groom gowns, which is why his outfits are well-known in Pakistan and abroad. He has stores in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, as well as online shopping. 

6 – Amir Adnan


Most Pakistani men refer to Amir Adnan as the most adaptable designer, especially when they are getting married, because his sherwani is the trademark for his target demographic. He is the most popular designer among the audience because of his stylish yet trendy appearance; he specializes in sherwanis and offers a wide range of three-piece suits, formal dress shirts, and pants. Customers enjoy shopping with him because he caters to their needs and strives to design sherwanis and suites that are more personalized. Amir Adnan is one of the best clothing brands for mens in pakistan.

7 – Alkaram

Alkaram is a popular brand among Pakistani men and in the Pakistani industry.  If you want your Kurta collection to be diverse but simple. They are not only well-known among men, but they have also targeted Pakistani women. As the oldest company, they offer many products, including children\’s clothes and home accessories. You can choose between ready-to-wear and unstitched options, allowing you to personalize your design. Their outlets are located throughout Pakistan and in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates for the convenience of foreign audiences.

8 – Leisure Club


In 1997, a leisure club was founded. Because of their original and trendy clothing, Leisure is the most popular clothing brands for mens in pakistan. Men choose to dress in leisure clubs because they provide high-quality clothing in various styles, including casual, everyday wear, and smart street attire. Their clothing has a high-end reputation, which is a plus.

9 – Royal tag


Royal brand is recognized for its formal clothing, which has become a trademark. Their materials are always of great quality, with long-lasting textiles, and this is their distinguishing feature. They have almost 15 locations across Pakistan. It is one of the best clothing brands for mens in pakistan.

10- Bonanza


Bonanza produces high-quality fabrics for men such as Latha, plain cotton, and patterned cotton. These are trendy and attractive, and they meet the requirements of a wide range of customers. Bonanza is one of the top traditional menswear brands on the market, offering high-quality clothing.

11 – Edenrobe


Edenrobe is a well-known clothing brands for mens in pakistan, specializing in high-quality kurtas and shalwar kameez for gentlemen. As a result, there are more trendy and attractive dresses available that are both traditional and contemporary.

12 – Sapphire


Sapphire leads the way with a new take on traditional menswear for men and boys. Sapphire\’s Kurta collection, a comprehensive combination of quality and style, is now available for sale on their online store.

13 – IsmailFari

The Ismail Farid brand has been known for its high-quality fabric, colors, and designs for many years. It is one of the best clothing brands for mens in Pakistan.

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