6 Cheapest Places To Travel In 90,000

6 Cheapest Places To Travel In 90,000
6 Cheapest Places To Travel In 90,000

The world is full of affordable destinations and not required more effort to find them. Now during this COVID-19 time, people find a place for a trip at a low price. If you have 90,000 saved, you can visit some amazing places in the world. No matter what continent, there are always places you can visit on the cheapest places to travel.

Loacl Place


First of all, let’s look at an excessive local trip. There are a few travel groups that take you to Fairy Gilgit. And all for a PKR 50,000 fare. Every possible expense on a trip. Take that leftover Rs. 30,000 and negotiate with the group to assign you rooms not on a shared basis and in a nearby better hotel if possible. You can go with friends and save more money. 

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you can go to Islamabad. Buy a train ticket to Islamabad. Islamabad costs PKR 6000 and stays one day at a hotel. You can go swat, preferable from Faisal movers. They charge PKR 2000 from Islamabad. (price may change with time) It leaves you with PKR 82,000. Set aside 10k for your return trip price. The leftover 72,000 is for luxury and transport within northern areas. The northern area is the cheapest places to travel.

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You can Go Abroad


Thailand tops the list with reasons. These are the cheapest places to travel and offer a variety of low-budget experiences. Round trip tickets currently cost around Rs 70,000 +, including a 3-month visa for Rs 5,000, and you\’re good to go. Hotels are not that expensive, but for group/solo travelers, hostels can be a great opportunity for you with rates down to Rs 1,500 per night, plus you have to experience Thai life.


You can even go to Turkey these days for PKR 90,000. These days with decreasing tourism, many tour groups offer Turkey trips with the bracket of PKR 90,000. So you can choose that. Turkey is the cheapest places to travel to.


Argentina considers it is the cheapest place to travel from Pakistan. The cheapest flight from Pakistan is priced at PKR 62,000. Go for Air BnB instead of five-star hotels or, better yet, do couch surfing. It’s very safe, and you don’t have to pay anything to your host, unlike Air BnB. So the rest of PKR 18,000 will be only for your food and roaming around and making new friends.


This is a beautiful place in Asia. Malaysia has a lot to offer travelers. A round-trip ticket will cost PKR 70,000+. You can apply for one of the two visas. The cost of registration (single entry) is Rs. 8494, and the cost of a tourist visa is Rs. 11879. A good hostel will be as low as PKR 1500 a night, and if you are lucky, you will find a good place. Malaysia is one of the cheapest places to travel.


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