12 Craziest Jobs In The World That Actually Exist

12 Craziest Jobs In The World That Actually Exist

Do you want to change jobs because you\’re bored with your current one? Why don\’t you give one of these jobs a shot? They probably won\’t appeal to everyone, but believe it or not, these are real jobs done by real individuals. Here\’s a list of the Craziest Jobs In The World that you won\’t believe exist:

1 – Pet Food Taster

That\’s right; you read that correctly. A \’Pet Food Tester\’ is someone who chews animal food before it is recognize as safe for pets.

2 – Waterslide Tester

This can be the ideal option for you if you enjoy waterparks. However, water Slide Testers must examine all aspects of safety to ensure that these rides are secure. Waterslide tester is Craziest Jobs In The World

3 – Professional Cuddler

One of the Craziest Jobs In The World. If you\’re in Japan and miss your partner, you can snuggle and sleep with a Japanese woman for a small fee. Mind you; it\’s only cuddling.

4 – Professional Sleeping

A dream career for someone who enjoys sleeping. What else could you ask for? Imagine being compensated for sleeping. A hotel in Finland engaged a staff member as a \”professional sleeper\” to evaluate the quality of their beds. Each night, the individual sleeps in a new hotel bed and writes a review about her experience with each one.

5 – Teddy Bear Surgeon

Some of you may not be aware, but a well-known store called \’Build-A-Bear.\’ It is the task of technicians at Build-a-Bear stores to sew arms, legs, and eyes back onto \’injured\’ teddy bears. Teddy bear surgeon is Craziest Jobs In The World

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6 – Chocolate Engineer

Who wouldn\’t enthrall by this? This position appears to be a dream job! A Chocolate Engineer\’s job is to come up with innovative chocolate recipes. Wow. Is it true that you\’re experimenting with chocolate?

7 – Panda Nannies

Panda Nannies or Panda Caretakers are employ by the Giant Panda Protection and Research Centre in China. They are in charge of the pandas at the center. Panda Nannies are one of the Craziest Jobs In The World

8 РWrinkle Remover 

This is a task that gives me a lot of pleasure! Wrinkle chasers are responsible for ensuring that shoes are free of creases as they leave the factory. The name is self-explanatory. When shoes are hurrying out of the factory, wrinkle chasers ensure there are no creases. That\’s correct, I said, \”shoes.\” What other explanation do you have for why those high heels look so elegant?

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9 – Gross Stunt Tester

Have they ever watched reality shows or strange videos in which individuals eat bugs and nasty crawlers? Yup. Gross Stunt Testers are a group of mad people whose job is to consume everything disgusting.

10 – Wedding Guest

Yeah. Yes, you read that correctly. Imagine getting dress up and going to a sponsored event? What an incredible experience that would be. There is a part-time career opportunity in Japan where people can double as wedding guests. Get paid and get free food at the same time. LOL. In Japan, this is a part-time job where workers also serve as wedding guests. Do you have any doubts? Here\’s an advertisement. You\’ll know if you ask a Japanese acquaintance to translate. They get free lunch in addition to the money. The wedding guest is one of the Craziest Jobs In The World

11 – Full-time Netflix viewer

Imagine being paid to sit in front of the TV all day! This dream has come true for one fortunate employee. Netflix has employed someone to watch all of their programmings before it is made public, and their job is to review and tag each program. Ensuring that we, the viewers, can find exactly what we\’re looking for, whether it\’s a romantic crime film based on classic literature or a clever talking-animal TV show.

12 – Rental Boyfriend

If you have the money, finding a lover in Tokyo is as simple as it gets. I\’m not sure what the boyfriend will do, but it sounds like a lot of fun and the Craziest Jobs In The World. When the Japanese come up with the concept of \’Rental Girlfriends,\’


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