5 Cricketers Who Changed Their Religion

5 Cricketers Who Changed Their Religion

5 cricketers who changed their religion. Religious convictions have always been a common world scenario. It is limited to one or a few teams, but nearly all cricket players worldwide have similar religious convictions. Cricket fans are as obsessed with the personal lives of their favorite cricketer as they are by their abilities. After all, you always want to know what the life of your celebrity idol was. Have a look at these cricketers, who during their cricket careers changed their religion.

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Here are the list of Cricketers Who Changed Their Religion

1 – Mohammad Yusuf

In 2005-2006 Yousuf, a Christian who was born embraced Islam and changed his name to Mohammad Yousuf. It was a familiar sight when he was still a Christian to see Youhana do the sign of the cross at the end of his 100th century. Later, however, he sported with bark after converting from Christian to Islam and asked his wife to convert. His wife changed her name to Fatima from Tania.

2 – Mahmudul Hasan 

Mahmudul is a 28-year-old cricketer from Bangladesh. He is considered a legend in his country and participated in the 2008 World Cup team. In 2009, Hasan successfully led Bangladesh in their home series against Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, and England.

Mahmudul Hasan once was a Muslim who later became Hindu. He played a test match with Mahmudul Hasan for Bangladesh, and later, he became a Hindu religion. Mahmudul Hasan has changed his name to Vikash Ranjan Das, and since that time, he has surprisingly never performed for his country. Muhamudual Hasan is one of the cricketers who changed their religion

3 – Dilshan Tillakaratne

Dilshan was Sri Lanka\’s former captain and opening batsman. He was born in a Malaysian Islamic family. He\’s best known for his career because, as a cricketer, he couldn\’t do anything. At birth, Mohammad Dilshan was named Taiwan. At the age of 16, however, his parents separated and led a tumultuous life. During that time, he chose his mother\’s religion, Buddhism. His name has been Tillakaratne Dilshan since then.

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4 – Suraj Randiv 

Randiv is a cricketer from Sri Lanka who had remarkable moments in his career. He is always remembered for Virender Sehwag\’s No-Ball. Sehwag batted the Indian team on 99 * and needed one run to win the game. Randiv turned the game upside down, however. Mohammed Marsuk Suraj used to be the name of Suraj Randiv. However, he changed his religion to Buddhism for personal reasons. Now, instead of Mohammed Suraj, he is always known as Suraj Randiv.

5 – Wayne Parnell 

Anyone following cricket knows that name. Wayne Parnell, a quick bowler in South Africa, is a cricketer that embraces Islam. It is reported that it was due to Hashim Amla, his friend. He was Muslim and was close to Parnell. He was Muslim. On 30 July 2011, Wayne Parnell converted to Islam and is now called Wayne Waleed Parnell. Wayne is one of the cricketers who changed their religion.

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