7 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

7 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Are you on a diet? Have you cut new hair? When are you marrying? Oops! Women Are tired of hearing to them. Well, here\’s not the end of the list. People seem to think about it from the food they eat to the course they are taking. But why? But why? They are independent, smart, mature and able to stand by their decision. So, think, next time, before saying anything.

When are you going to get married

Every woman, as soon as she gets into her adult life, faces this question. For some, this starts right after puberty, and a female life only turns into a centre of marriage. Marriage is an important individual\’s choice, but not the only thing important about life.

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When a husband is on her side, a woman is at her best

A woman is her best when she feels that she\’s her best. A husband does not guarantee success or completion. It is appalling to see women as useless and unhappy without a spouse. Marriage is not an eternal gateway to happiness, nor is a single woman a signature of life failure.

She\’s pretty,  she can get any job

Pretty privilege is a reality, but it is very important to reduce women by their appearance. Unfortunately, the hard-working person feels futile just because it fits the conventional attraction spectrum.

Don\’t be selfish; having children is a blessing

Not having children is not a selfish act and women who don\’t want children face this reaction each time their hearts speak out. Let women choose their body and life and call it what it is; their choice.

Natural Makeup is better

Composition is an expression, so whether someone prefers a gleaming eyeshadow every day or a regular dark red lipstick, it remains a choice of the individual.

Men will be men

Men should be liable for their actions, not blame for everything for their instincts. A woman\’s responsible for all in her life, but a man? It\’s not his fault. All of them are this way. You\’ve got to protect yourself; you have to fix your environment; you\’re responsible for your gender crimes. All women can be annoyed by this statement and want men to do better and be more responsible than rejected. Women are tired of hearing of all these.

This is only a compliment! Don\’t be uptight

When harassment is disguised as compliments and appreciation, it is frustrating. Women are well aware of discomfort and are violated by specific conversations or gestures. Just because she\’s not interested in it or because she finds the conversation uncomfortable does not make her tight.


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