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11 Easy Ways to Make Eid 2022 Special

11 Easy Ways to Make Eid 2022 Special 

Many Muslims celebrate Eid ul Fitr on the First day of Shawwal within the Muslim calendar. It marks the tip of the month-long quick of Ramadan. What should be the most celebrated time for Muslims can sometimes be the most predictable: eid al Fitr arrives, you wear a new outfit, and after Eid prayer, your family drags you from house to house, visiting uncles and aunties, just like last Eid celebrations, and the Eid before that. But while visiting family is a big part of the holiday, eid 2020 should not be predictable and boring. It’s time to celebrate and enjoy yourself. 

Here are some ways to Make this Holiday More Festive than Last Year.

Know the Date

Make the kids aware of the Islamic date. During Ramadhan, everyone has a calendar up, so it’s easy for them to countdown to Eid. The eid celebrations traditionally last for three days, but depending on how it falls on the calendar, the parties and festivities could last much longer. For example, if the three days fall mid-week, Muslims will likely still be celebrating over the weekend.

Make a Plan

Have a plan for the remaining days to do some specific Eid 2020 related activities, keeping it relevant for your kids’ ages and interests. Customize products are always a big hit with the children, order an amazing gift for them. Keep them occupied for an enjoyable afternoon. 

Make a Plan


This is an amazing activity you can do with children. Fast if you can get on the 9th (if you’re doing all nine that’s great!) and encourage older kids to do so too. If they’re younger, set a length of time for a mini fast; three, four, five hours, whatever you think they can handle. Give the magic cup to kids as a gift to encourage them. Eid al Fitr is the gift from Allah. So, celebrate this day with your family.


What’s on the Menu?

Spread the cooking out and see what you can prep a couple of days earlier. Eid al Fitr has a plus point that we know exactly when it is going to be once the month has started! Everyone is planning on making more of those yummy sweet dishes. This Eid you can plan some unique food like seafood and other food which most of us not eat in the month of Ramadan. 

what in the Menu

Get the kids Involved.

Eid al Fitr is the best day to enjoy with kids. They are tired of going out to your relatives’ houses, drinking tea, and making small talk year after year, while the kids sit quietly in their new outfits, bored out of their minds? Get the kids more involved. Have them blow up balloons, cut crescent moons and stars out of construction paper and hang the decorations around the house. Get streamers, lots of different kinds of food, and invite family and neighbors over. Pass out little party favors to the children. Remember that Eid is a time of celebration!

involve kids

 Get out of the House

Eid doesn’t have to be an at-home thing. Take the Eid celebration elsewhere! Try Eid bowling or Eid go-kart racing. That way, both kids and parents can have fun. You’ll also end up with a picture you’ve never had before of Eid. But this you can’t go outside because of the pandemic. So, you can enjoy with family and plan movie or barbeque night. 

Get out of the House

Customized Eid Gifts

Eid is a time to give gifts to family members. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to do this, order customized Eid gifts. Kids like customized gifts. Eid 2020, we can’t go outside, so order an amazing gift for a family.

Customized Gift

Give Back

There’s never a better time to give back than on Eid celebrations when you remember all that Allah has given you. Round up friends, family, whoever, and spend a couple of hours at home. Eid is a day of celebration, but not selfishness. Volunteering a few hours of your day at a family get together is an amazing way to implement the spirit of Eid.

Give Back

Improve Interior Decoration

Eid day, everyone decorates their home. This Eid 2020 is different because of COVID-19. So, we can’t go and buy an amazing decorations corner for a room. So, you can buy a salt lamp to decorate your home. Don’t forget to decorate your room with our eye-catching lamps!

Improve Interior Decoration

What to wear? 

Outfits always end up being the last thing you sort out before Eid ul Fitr and often ironing them all in the middle of the night before. In the month of Ramadan, everyone buys new clothes for a special day. 

what to wear


Eidi is the part of the Islamic Festival called “EId uL Fitar.” Eidi is directly connected with children because children get money from their elder relatives (as an Eidi), which they can spend on the whole festival in hangouts with friends and wandering here and there etc. Eidi is just like a gift on birthday, and it can be money or any precious thing. This year you can give some amazing customized gifts to them. Everyone gives Eidi in the form of money, but this year you can give something different day they remember, like printed Mug.



There are plenty of ways to make this Eid a memorable one. Ask family members for ideas and what they prefer to do and try to build from there. Don’t spend this day just taking off a day of school or work, sleeping in, and missing the point of this blessed holiday. A little bit of pre-planning can be the derivation of a tradition worth celebrating. Send this special day with your family, and do some amazing activities.

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