Effects of Coronavirus in Ramadan 2020

Effects of Coronavirus in Ramadan 2020

Ramadhan of 1441 AH, which can be called Ramadhan of 2020, is most probably too different from all previous Ramadhan. (Speaking of a global vision because the worst times affiliated with Ramadhan month had been there quite often. But locally not globally, there had always been certain parts of the world where people didn’t enjoy. Ramadhan is the rest of the people in other places; Syria & Iraq are the most prominent examples during the bloody wars years). This year because of coronavirus Ramadan is a different and most challenging month as compared to last year. Coronavirus and Ramadan are challenges for all Muslims. This year there are many effects of Coronavirus in Ramadan. 

Coronavirus and Ramadan

The pandemic of Coronavirus or whatever be its name will limit people to their own houses rather than going to pray in mosques or rejoicing after sunset to enjoy the scenery or some delicious sweets recipe. In contrast, others would enjoy visiting their folks and family members. Since, in every Ramadhan month, there is something in the air that only fasting Muslims sense. We all will deprive of that, but since we Muslims have this unique Quranic and prophetic instruction of never worrying for any plight and never rejoicing much for any granted bliss but be thankful in good times and patient in bad ones.

Prayers also Effect During Coronavirus

During Ramadan, every evening called tarawih to take place in masjid worldwide. The tarawih prayer will not be performing the masjid. Offer with the family is still in jamaat. The only significant difference is that the women will not be cooking as much, and the men who would bring catered food can feed the homeless who have no one to help them, which is part of the religion anyway. Itikaf will have to be doing in the home. Ask any Muslim woman; it can be doing, and in this case, there are the rewards of following the Sunnah concerning plague.

Other kind Worship May Be Affected

In Ramadan, many Muslims gather in a circle known as a halaqah. This practice goes back to the Prophet\’s time. This year of Ramadan, it\’s not possible to gather to pray and meet because of COVID. Many mosques will offer online alternatives, such as video conference platform or live streaming.

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Charity Also Effect During Corna

In the month of Ramadan, people act charity and helping needed people. Muslims believe it increased blessing for charitable acts during Ramadan. This year Government does not allow any iftar party, and also there is a shortage of food because of COVID. Those who are daily wages and need help. Effects of Coronavirus in Ramadan charity system also affect.

Ramadan Special Transmission and TV Shows Affected?

During the holy month, many Muslims focus on strengthening their faith and skirting worldly distractions; Ramadan is also when TV shows prime-time audiences. In this current COVID-19 situation, it’s impossible to transmit any type of Ramadan show or special dreams. This year we focus on pray or charity. The biggest effect of Coronavirus in Ramadan we can’t watch Ramadan special shows.

Eid and Coronavirus

Eid ul Fitr is a day of celebration for all Muslims after fasting for a month of Ramadan. It enjoyed like any other festival; clean new clothes, women adorned with jewelry, men greeting and talking in a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, and absolute happiness spread everywhere. Kids receive presents, dua, and visit relatives. Allah shows in the form of this day, His loving, lively, and bright side that a Great Being like Him doesn’t only set rules to follow; knowing human nature, He has awarded them three days (Eid and two more days) to relax and enjoy themselves thoroughly. But due to the COVID, Eid is likely to be changed more than Ramadan this year. While the basic Ramadan traditions can be seen at home, including congregational prayers via streaming, Eid when Muslims go out to celebrate, visit family and friends, and return to healthy daily life.


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