13 Exotic Animals In Pakistan You wouldn\’t Believe Exist

Exotic Animals

13 Exotic animals in Pakistan you wouldn\’t believe exist 

Pakistan is a country where you see the world\’s most beautiful bird, reptile, and mammal species. These animals are beautiful, colorful, and one-of-a-kind and they will make you question what else is missing in this country. The majority of these species are on the verge of extinction; it is up to you to take action and defend what is yours Here is the list of exotic Pakistan animals.

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Exotic Pakistan Animals

1 – Soft Shelled Sea Turtle

This unusual sea turtle is one of the most endangered marine turtles on the planet! Due to their distinctive shell, they are sometimes referre to as Trionychidae or pancake turtles.  Soft Shelled Sea Turtle is one of the Pakistan animal.

2 – Himalayan Monal Pheasant

This bird, which may seen on the Himalayan peaks, has a rainbow of colors. It is Nepal\’s national bird and India\’s state bird. In contrast to females, males are usually identifiable by darker colors that progress to their tails. Danphe is another name for them.

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3Red Fox

This fox\’s reddish-golden hair fascinates animal enthusiasts from all around the world. It is also say to be the most hunted fox on the planet, with a long history of human interaction. Red Fox is available in Pakistan animals that people do not believe.

4 – Blue Whales

The blue whale is one of the world\’s largest creatures. Due to the beautiful Bluish and Blackish patterns on their bodies, they became an extremely endangere species of mammals by the 12th century, and it was estimated that only 5000-12000 blue whales existed until mid-2014. However, according to the International Community, there are now 10000-25000 blue whales living in the world\’s oceans.

5 – Fishing Cat

Changes in biological and meteorological conditions are jeopardizing this dramatic-looking cat, and it may become extinct if not preserved. These cats are double the size of domestic cats, and, as their name implies, they eat fish, particularly tuna. it is one of the Pakistan animals.

6 – White-Headed Duck

This lovely white-headed duck may seen in abundance in Pakistan\’s open lakes, and its blue beak is one of the world\’s numerous natural wonders! Females, on the other hand, have a golden brown beak. They are, however, at risk due to a rapidly falling population. A white-headed duck is one of the Pakistan animals.

 7 – Snow Leopard

This leopard species is found in Pakistan animals northern mountains, including the Himalayas, Karakorum, and Hindukush ranges, and is admired worldwide for its gorgeous and enigmatic white fur. In the summits of the ranges, this vicious animal makes for excellent camouflage! These northern creatures are fast runners and weigh roughly 50-70 kg on average.

8 – Indus River Dolphin

These dolphins, which can  found in the lower Indus Basin, are easily identifie by their extended jaw and spiky teeth! However, these dolphin species are critically endanger, with only about 1000 remaining in the Indus River.

9 – Sand Cat

The only Cat capable of living in deserts and surviving the severe and dry weather is the Sand Cat, which may found in the Baluchistan area. They are the tiniest wild cats. However, they cannot tamed or kept as pets. These cats are solitary, and habitat deterioration is the greatest threat to their survival. It is one of the pakistan animals

10 – Himalayan Black Bear

These bears have a thick brown coat with a pale yellow crescent on their chest and in the Himalayan far northern ranges. They are one of the world\’s numerous endangered animals, and their valuable fur threatens their survival.

11 – Rupppell\’s Fox 

This Fox, sometimes known as the sand fox, is common in North Africa and Baluchistan\’s south-western region. Because these foxes cannot be domesticated, they have not been kept as pets (from the record of the last 100 years). Beetles and other insects, as well as fruits, are their main sources of food.

12 – Palla\’s Cat

These cats, sometimes called Manul, are found throughout Central Asia, including Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan animals. Cats can create a fantastic illusion with their fur, making them appear much larger than they are! These cats are slow runners and may make various sounds, such as purring and growling, to fool their prey.

13 – Markhor

These goats, which may found in Northern and Central Pakistan (mostly in Kashmir), are adapted to the harsh surface of mountains and can survive there. Astor Markhor, Bukharan Markhor, and Kabul Markhor are the three primary subspecies. They were considered critically endangered until 2015 when they were downgraded to Near Threatened from endangered. Pakistan\’s national animal is the markhor.


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