Former DG ISI Faiz Hameed says No to Politics

Former DG ISI Faiz Hameed says No to Politics

Faiz Hameed says no to politics: Lt Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed, a former head of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has declared that he will never enter politics.

According to The News, the former top spymaster claimed that rumors linking him to PTI or politics were untrue.

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After serving a two-year prison sentence, he said he would not enter politics. A video showing the former three-star officer of the Pakistani Army is invite to join the Imran Khan-led PTI by the local Chakwal PTI leadership went viral the day before.

Hamid may be see in the video attending a gathering in his home hamlet of Chakwal. In it, a speaker who wished to remain unnamed thanked the former espionage. Head for his contributions to the military and the region’s growth.

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After General Asim Munir assumed leadership of the Pakistan Army as chief of army staff, Lieutenant General Faiz left the military.

After the prime minister authorized the promotion of Gen Asim Munir and Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza to the four-star rank, the previous DG ISI requested early retirement.

The Defence Ministry transmitted his request to the premier, who authorized his plea for early retirement on December 2.

In April 2019, Lt Gen (retd) Faiz receive a promotion to the three-star level and was given. The position of adjutant general at the General Headquarters (GHQ). He was leading the ISI’s Counter Intelligence Wing before being promote.

Gen Asim Munir, who had been serving as chief of army staff. Was replace by Lt Gen (retd) Faiz in June of the same year.

He was also the commander of the Bahawalpur Corps. He had previously spent less than a year as the Peshawar Corps commander.

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