Farmers protest in Islamabad continues for the fifth day

Farmers protest in Islamabad continues for the fifth day

As the third session of talks between the government and the demonstrators ended in an impasse, farmers, led by the Kisan Ittihad (Farmer\’s union), arrived in the capital on Wednesday to get their demands accepted but have refused to budge from their stance. Still Farmers protest in Islamabad.

In response to the farmers\’ demand for subsidies on fertilizers, pesticides, and diesel, Kisaan Ittehaad\’s protest evolved into a sit-in.

They also demand a quick end to tax breaks for tractors and other agricultural equipment.

However, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah claimed that Kisaan Ittehaad\’s sit-in was unjustified because all of their requests had been heard and considered.

According to the interior minister, the Kisan Etihad farmers were informed of the proceedings.

“The cabinet has formed a committee which is working for the reduction of the electricity bills of agricultural tube wells. The government is taking farmers’ demands quite seriously,” he added.\\

He added that the demand for deferring the tube well electricity bills had been accepted and notification had also been issued.

“Red Zone is the Red Line, and Kisaan Ittehaad or no other group is allowed to protest in the Red Zone,” Rana Sana stated.

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He also warned that law would come into action against any group that protested in the Red Zone.

“The orders of the Supreme Court are very obvious. No protest will be held in Red Zone,” the interior minister warned.

Five days prior, protesting farmers had traveled to the federal capital through Grand Trunk Road and held a sit-in at Blue Area, Islamabad\’s main commercial district just a few kilometers from Red Zone.


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