‘Se* service available in AC class’ as Pakistan Railways\’ ticketing system hacked

‘Se service available in AC class’ as Pakistan Railways' ticketing system hacked

Ticketing system hacked: Hackers have now shut down the ticketing system and replaced the text with the offer of se*ual services in upscale cabins, days after humiliating audio leaks of prominent politicians surfaced.

According to reports in the local media, travelers on a local train were taken aback by the company\’s amenities when they saw that \”Se* service is available in AC class.\”

On September 30, an individual using a local train from Kot Adu to Wah noticed that the train was providing adult services.

The furious passenger then approached the booking office where he protested and apprised the management about the issue that soon went viral on social media.


Later, Thal Express representatives applied to DSP Railway Rawalpindi, claiming that their software had been compromised. Additionally, they requested action because the incident damaged the company\’s brand and encouraged officials to file a case against the unidentified hackers.

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