6 Flour Mills in Islamabad – Address and Contact info

Flour Mills in Islamabad

Currently, Pakistan has 915 mills with a 77,275-tonne daily milling capacity. These mills run in different towns and create premium flour and other goods for the general public to consume. The I-9 and I-10 sectors of Islamabad are where you\’ll locate the majority of grain mills. The complete list of flour mills in Islamabad and their contact information are provided here if you\’re interested in learning more about these facilities.

Flour Mills in Islamabad

Below are 6 flour mills in Islamabad with their contact details.

Note: The list of flour mills in Islamabad is just for reference and it doesn’t show competition between the mills in any form.

  • Chaudhary Flour Mill (PVT.) LTD.
  • Alqaim Flour Mills
  • Al Kausar Flour Mills
  • Al-Sajjad Flour Mills
  • Mehboob Flour and General Mills
  • Sihala Flour Mills

Now let’s explore each flour mill in Islamabad in more detail.

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1. Chaudhary Flour Mill (PVT.) LTD

The Chaudhry Flour Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. was founded in 1981 and has already spent more than three decades serving the nation\’s expanding food sector.

The business has established a solid reputation as one of the leading producers and suppliers of premium wheat flour over the years.They produce the highest-quality flour with high nutritional content, satisfying the body\’s needs and preserving health.

Contact Information: 051-443-3672

Address: Street 5, I/9-3, Islamabad

Email is info@cfm.com.pk.

2. Alqaim Flour Mills

Alqaim Flour Mills has been producing good flour in Pakistan since 1947 with a high nutritious content for healthy body growth and development.

Their success speaks to their caliber and aim to provide the highest caliber goods. They consistently guarantee the same quality with no exceptions.

Contact Information: 051-4101082.

Street 8, I/10-3, Islamabad, is the address.

3. Al Kausar Flour Mills

The flour mill sells flour at regulated government prices. You can get in touch with the mill directly for more information.

Contact Information: 0333-5259950.

Address: Plot 46, 47, and 48 in Industrial Area, I-9/4, Islamabad.

Send an email to mudassarsameer230@gmail.com

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4. Al-Sajjad Flour Mills

Al-Sajjad Flour Mills Islamabad was founded in 1992 and is an initiative of MBS (MALIK BASHIR SONS)

One of the top producers and distributors of wheat flour is Al-Sajjad Mills, which provides a variety of goods, including Gulab Atta-Wheat Flour, Al-Sajjad No. 1 Atta-Wheat Flour, Al-Sajjad No. 1 Fine Flour, Chakki Desi Atta-Wheat Flour, Bran Wheat Product, Paratha Atta-Wheat Flour, and Al-Saj.

Because of their goods\’ purity and great nutritional content, which are produced with wheat of the highest grade, consumers adore them.

Their goods are offered at affordable costs and are used in households, restaurants, canteens, and hotels.

Contact Information: 051-444-4924

Address: Sector I-9/3, Industrial Area, Plot 408, Islamabad.

Email address: alsajjadflourmills@gmail.com.

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5. Mehboob Flour and General Mills

Wheat goods, including Chakki Atta, Atta, Fine, Maida, and Bran, are sold by Mehboob Flour and General Mills. They want to serve high-quality, hygienic cuisine.

They possess a bakery with trained employees who can cook and operate baking tools like the prover mixing machine. Monitor Maida\’s quality daily and hourly to maintain a high standard.

Delivering high-quality maid service after complete satisfaction is their ultimate goal.

Contact Information: 011-4449578

Plot 397 in the Industrial Zone, I/9, Islamabad.

Send an email to mehboobflourmill@gmail.com.

6. Sihala Flour Mills

Sihala Flour Mills, a Private Limited Company founded in 1968, is situated in Islamabad\’s premier industrial district.

You can speak with them directly for information about their products and manufacturing.

Contact Information: 051-443-3526

Address: Service Road, I-9/3, Islamabad.

Final Words

In this post, we looked at 6 flour mills in Islamabad and provided contact information for each. Most of these are situated in Sector I-9\’s Industrial Area and have been in operation for many years.

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