Amna Ilyas In ‘Hot Waters’ With a Bold Photoshoot

Amna Ilyas In ‘Hot Waters’ With a Bold Photoshoot

Because of her controversial photoshoot, Amna Ilyas has received a lot of backlash on social media.

The model/actress has a reputation for putting herself in the spotlight with her daring dress choices. A move that has always resulted in her being scrutinized by the general public on the internet.

Amna Ilyas Bold Photoshoot

While Ilyas has called out the public for their unrelenting harassment of her, it has done little to stop the abuse. It has reappeared following her most recent photograph.

Ilyas wears a gorgeous maroon gown in her most recent photograph, which she shared on Instagram. A slip slit in the dress revealed her legs.

Many people on social media chastised the actress for her attire because of its overall appearance. Here are a few examples of the harsh and insensitive remarks she has received:



Unfortunately, many actors and models have been subjected to moral policing and slut shaming in the past. No one is safe from the wrath of our people, from Ayesha Omar to Saba Qamar. While Mansha Pasha has called out such hypocrites, it has little effect on changing people\’s minds.

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One thing is certain, whatever one\’s feelings regarding Amna Ilyas\’s contentious photoshoot. It is not acceptable to criticize and degrade another person based on their wardrobe choices.

Unfortunately, changing the attitudes and mindsets of our fellow citizens will take a long time. Until that time comes, actions of moral policing directed against our female superstars will continue. Recently Pakistani actress Anum Fayyaz left showbiz for Islam

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