Freelance Digital Account Launched To Enable Freelancers To Open Dollar Accounts In Pakistan


Thanks to this new capability, Pakistani freelancers can open digital account in dollars and rupees.
Freelancers can now open dollar accounts in Pakistan, an intriguing recent development. According to claims from the Pakistan Software Export Board, a section of the Ministry of Information Technology has reportedly launched a tool dubbed “Freelance Digital Account and Card” in association with the Bank of Punjab. Its about Freelancers Dollar Accounts In Pakistan. With this new tool, independent contractors from Pakistan can open a digital account in dollars and rupees. Syed Junaid Imam, a member of the IT department, was invite as a special guest to an event held at a nearby hotel in Islamabad. The Bank of Punjab’s President and CEO, Zafar Masood, several reputable freelancers, and other authorities supported him.

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Freelancers Dollar Accounts In Pakistan

Imam stated during his speech at the ceremony that, thanks to this, independent contractors can open accounts from the comfort of their homes. He also emphasised the importance of the role played by independent contractors in the expansion of the economy and the IT industry as a whole. IT exports from the nation are currently competing for $15 billion. To reach the goals of $15 billion set by the Pakistani prime minister, commercial banks should provide services and banking products for IT companies and independent contractors. In this sense, the IT Ministry is already performing its duty.

Commercial banks have been ask to provide sufficient facilities for IT companies and independent contractors. Opening digital accounts in dollars and rupees will benefit all independent contractors. Therefore the new technology is a fantastic idea. The Ministry has acknowledge that there are not enough particular government incentives for independent contractors and that a supportive business climate is need for those in this line of employment. The benefits offered to the IT industry also apply to the freelance industry.


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