Waqar Younis Congratulate Imran Khan on Winning ‘Fight’


Waqar Younis Congratulate Imran Khan: Cricketer Aounis was one of the few who stood up for Imran Khan during his arrest. However, Khan received a short reprieve when the Islamabad High Court (IHC) granted him a two-week bail in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case.

Widespread protests broke out nationwide after Khan was detain by the Rangers on the grounds of the Islamabad High Court, leaving many people dead.

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The court also issued a directive barring law enforcement from detaining Khan until May 17. In four cases in Lahore, Khan had asked for temporary relief; the judge granted him bail till May 22 in the Zille Shah murder case. During deliberating a bail request about three terrorism cases, another bench also prohibited officials from detaining him until the morning of May 15.

Khan was detaine in connection with a property tycoon corruption investigation. The high court initially denied his request for freedom because it believed his arrest to be legal. On May 11, the Supreme Court, citing a rule violation by law enforcement during his incarceration, granted his release.

Khan has been harshly critical of the coalition government since he was force out of office last year.


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