Hareem Shah Threatens to Leak Rana Sanaullah Videos If Internet Isn’t Restored


Hareem Shah, the queen of scandal, has threatened to release the offensive tapes of Rana Sanaullah, the interior Minister.

The warning follows a four-day nationwide suspension of mobile internet services due to widespread demonstrations that broke out after the arrest of former PM Imran Khan.

The TikTok celebrity gave Rana Sanaullah a blunt request on Thursday by using her Twitter account to demand the immediate restoration of mobile internet access.

Hareem Shah warned that if her demand was not satisfied on time, she would retaliate by publishing several films that would endanger the Minister.

However, the well-known TikTok singer is no new to controversy as she has been in the media frequently.

Recent examples include the recent social media disclosure of her films. The incident generated a lot of criticism and discussion on social media. She accused her buddies of doing this unethical deed and threatened to sue them.

Similarly, in 2019 a video of Hareem and Sheikh Rasheed went viral on social media. The TikTok celebrity eventually erased the video when it became popular on social media, choosing to disown it instead by releasing a video message on her account in which she claimed not to have intended to defame anyone.

So a few years later, Hareem called Sheikh Rasheed as part of a joke on an episode of TBH with Tabish Hashmi. The social media sensation calls Sheikh Rasheed at the audience’s request, as seen in a teaser from the program.

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Hareem is instruct to call back later by Sheikh Rasheed when he answers the phone. But the politician responds angrily when Hareem insists on speaking to him. Sheikh Rasheed asks the caller to “shut up” before hanging up, making the audience and host Tabish Hashmi chuckle.

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