Internet Suspension Leaves Daily Earning Riders Jobless


In an unexpected turn of events, a sudden government-enforced internet shutdown has pulled thousands of daily-earning riders out of work, putting many who rely on the gig economy in dire financial straits.

Outrage over the surprise action and worries about its wider effects on the livelihoods of vulnerable workers have been expressed.

The hardest hurt is daily-earning riders who depend on online channels to interact with clients and provide their services.

These workers, who frequently commute on motorbikes or bicycles, have integrated themselves into the urban workforce and are responsible for vital tasks, including food delivery, transportation, and courier services.

Riders have lost contact with clients due to the internet outage, rendering them jobless for the night. They find themselves unable to acquire any money since they cannot access the platforms they rely on.

Many people are forced into financial despair due to their unexpected loss of employment since they can no longer support their families and themselves.

Fiverr Gigs unavailable for Pakistanis as internet suspension puts freelancers in dire straits


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