Healthy Mind And Body Leads To A Healthy Life

healthy mind and body leads to healthy life

In our busy daily schedule, getting time to take care of our healthy life is infrequent, and day to day by unknowingly, our health becomes worse, it\’s because of our lifestyle and food habits. Healthy living is not a destination. It\’s the way of life. A good lifestyle gives you a healthy, happy, and content life. Here I suggest some hacks to physical, mental, and emotional health.

10 Tips For Healthy And Active Life

1 – Drink Lots Of Water

Most of us don\’t drink enough water every day. 60 % of our body is made up of water. It is needed to carry out metabolic functions smoothly, remove waste, carry nutrients and oxygen. We need to replenish water intake as we lose water through respiration, urination, sweating, bowel movements etc. Have at least one and a half litres of water per day.

2 – Exercise

Movement is life. Don\’t go for a harsh workout. Follow little workout routine. Climb stairs, take a walk. Pick an exercise or sport you like. Exercise refreshes the mind and helps remove toxicity easily from our body. It increases lifespan, lowers the risk of diseases, increases bone density, and you tend to become more active than usual.

3 – Get Enough Sleep

When you don\’t rest well, you tend to eat more even if your body has no requirement of food. This increases weight, and we get addicted to food and it\’s usually junk food. Get enough sleep 6–8 depending upon your sleep quota because of lack of sleep Cassie\’s premature ageing.

4 – Meditate

Meditation calms your mind and soul. If your a beginner put on five mins timer and breathe deeply. Focusing on breathing is difficult, so start with focusing on an object or scenario, e.g. a red flower or sunrise or sunset. For five minutes of focus on that particular object, you have selected and keep on breathing. Be conscious of your breathing if your mind gets distracted pull it back again to focus on that object. Within a couple of weeks, you\’ll become a pro in meditation.

5 – Eat Healthily

Cut sugar from your diet. You can use Jaggery Or date syrup or honey instead. Reduce junk food to thrice or four times a month. Consume fruits per day. Eat vegetables. Eat curd, which increased probiotic in our gut, and that helps indigestion. Eating a wide variety of food helps in creating a strong shield between us and harmful bacteria and also improves our immune system. Fibre consumption can be done if you have excessive gut problems like constipation issues.

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6 – Love Yourself

Self-love is greater than any love. When you love yourself, you tend to be grateful for what you are blessed with. This gives you tonnes of happiness. This develops a happy and positive mindset which also helps in increasing productivity and efficiency in healthy life).

7 – Remove Negativity From Your Life.

Create a shield around your body to prevent negativity. If any negative thought pops up in your life, don\’t worry, say that to some loved ones or write it down. Now you will have a question that why writing these negative thoughts help us get rid of it? When we write these negative thoughts, we go deeper into those thoughts and also find a root cause of that negativity. Therefore it easier for us to reach the roots and remove it permanently. Be super positive and train your brain to find positivity in negativity by judging less and loving more. It helps your healthy life.

8- Improve Your Posture

Having a good posture improves your breathing and increases oxygen intake. A full breath is where our lungs are filled, expanding our abdomen and minimising the movement of our shoulders. It also makes you look attractive and very much confident to spend a healthy life.

9 – Live a life Full Of Purpose

A life without a purpose is spent not lived. Rather than spending your life thrive for living your healthy life. Not a normal living but a beautiful living. Discover the purpose of your life. Live by your beliefs (right) and values. Influence your decisions and shape your day according to yourself. Live in the moment. Live today. Think that you have to win today because today is the most precious gift. It\’s purpose due to which a person knows the meaning of his struggle, and that\’s what is going to give you the power to push forward through unimaginable pain.

10 – Learn

When you learn, you earn. Learning is important because it makes us the best possible version of ourselves. It makes us a leader and makes us a great communicator. Learning helps learn lessons from our mistakes for a life of better quality. Self-learning makes your fortune. Consistent learning and skill development is significant for everyone. Leaning means you are practising existing skills or building a new skill; it can also be experimentation or reading books or learning online. Choose whatever you want to learn in any way but learn for a healthy life.


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