The Hidden Gem Of Pakistan-Balochistan

The Hidden Gem Of Pakistan-Balochistan
The Hidden Gem Of Pakistan-Balochistan

People think that the only places to explore in Pakistan for vacation are largely in the northern areas. They couldn\’t be more wrong. There are so many beautiful spectacles that are diffused all over the country. In recent years, people have explored some Sindh and Balochistan areas. Balochistan is one of Pakistan\’s largest provinces in terms of land area and is rich in natural resources. Compared to Punjab, Balochistan isn\’t the most growing of lands instantly captivating one\’s eyes, but it is a beautiful mountainous region with hidden breathtaking sanctuaries providing a getaway like no other; solitude, calmness, and serenity, all in one. Here are some Hidden Gem Of Pakistan.

5 Breathtaking Waterfalls Of Balochistan

1 – Moola Chotok

In the Brahui and Balochi languages, the word ‘Chotok’ implies certain water types falling from the top. There are several small and big waterfalls in Moola Chotok, hence the name which means Moola Waterfalls. Moola Chotok the hidden Gem of Pakistan. Pakistan has been blessed with several mesmerizing holiday destinations. But, to the dismay of tourists, these places remain unexplored.

2 – Pir Ghaib

This beautiful waterfall enclosed by palm trees that give the perfect shade with water cascading down the rocky mountain absorbing into streams and ponds. It is situat in Bolan Valley.

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3 – Pari Chasma

Pari Chasma is the name of another wonderful waterfall in Balochistan, especially in Harnaoi region of the province. Uptil now, anyone would convinced to take a road-trip to Balochistan and relish in these places with little to no tourist around.

4 – Kanrach Waterfall

A valley situated 250 km north-west of Karachi completely untouched and unexplored is called Kanrach and Knaraaj. So, This spot is surround by majestic mountains secluding it from anyone’s view. Even the drive to this destination gives a great treat of scenic views.

5 – Harnai District Waterfall

Harnai is the capital of Harnai district in Balochistan. This unbelievably amazing waterfall located in Harnai. Again, the terrain leading to this enclos and tucked-away place is not that smooth, but worth it.

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Astola Island

It is otherwise called ‘Jezira Haft Talar’ or ‘Island of the Seven Hills’ due to the little rough mountains that extend over the 15 sq km across the island. Island is an uninhabited and stretches out into the Arabian Sea. The Island is a part of Pasni sub-area of Gwadar. Astola’s sandy shorelines are settling ground for green turtles and around 25 types of coral have been found in the sea around it.

The Arabian Sea humpback whale, one of the rarest marine warm blooded creatures, has sporadically been located in its encompassing territory. Motivation behind why the island’s impeccable excellence has stayed untarnished is a direct result of its remote area. From Karachi, it is a 7-hour drive to Pasni, from where you need to take another 3-hour hour route via watercraft ride to Astola.

The shade of the water and example of the shoreline changes for the duration of the day relying on the tide.Best way to explore this strange yet-beguiling spot is by a boat.

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Astola Island is a mesmerising destination not many are aware of. The amazing concept of nature is a night no one will be ever able to forget. From hills to gulls and remarkable sea creatures, Astola has it all and hidden gem of pakista.


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