Ace actor and singer Junaid Khan released his very own production, Yadaan-a love song starring Hira Mani

Hira Mani To Star In Junaid Khan’s Upcoming Song ‘Yadaan’

Our very own ace singer and actor, Junaid Khan, is all set to produce different content genres under his production house, Jeem Films. And today, he dropped his latest work Yadaan, a love song sung and produced by him. Directed by Sadiq Azeem and music composed by Madlock Gilani. Yadaan is a love story in the form of a song starring Junaid Khan himself along with Hira Mani.
The song was shot in Karachi and Ormara, and as we can see, the video has a great balance of the water and land elements, creating very natural and soothing visuals.
From the lyrics to the video itself, Yadaan is a story of love, betrayal and forgiveness
. A set of very strong emotions is put very well together in the form of a music video.
As always, Junaid Khan and Hira Mani have explosive on-screen chemistry, magnified in the video,, making it even more real and a touch of true emotions.
\”I had a great time working with entire team\”,; stated the star himself. \”We at Jeem Films work as a family and as a team, making the entire work vibe very positive and full of good energies. And that is exactly how I want to run my production house. And you all can see the result of our team work in the form of Yadaan. I am sure everyone can relate to a song very close to my heart and strongly filled with emotions\”.
From the visuals to the direction and the execution. Yadaan does come off as a very well-shot video with everything on point.
Keeping in mind his years of experience in the industry. We are very excited to see what this super-talented star is up to next.

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