How To Become A Tax Filer In Pakistan 2022


A filer is a taxpayer who is currently active and whose name appears on the active taxpayer list. FBR updates the list weekly. Following taxpayers\’ filing of income tax returns, the list is upgraded. In Pakistan, becoming a tax filer has the benefit of requiring you to pay half of your entire income tax. This article is about how to become a tax filer in pakistan.

Step by Step Guide for Tax Filer

You must follow this simple procedure to become an active filler.

1 – Register NTN


To begin, you must obtain an NTN (National Tax Number). Please apply for one via FBR\’s official website if you don\’t already have one. For a new registration, you will see an online form. Fill it out completely and send it in. After then, go to the website and fill out the application form that has been stored as a draught. Submit it after that, and you\’ll obtain your number within an hour. a tax preparer.

2 – Income Estimation and Certification

You must produce a preliminary estimate of your income based on a salaried person\’s pay and costs. If you\’re a businessperson, you should be aware of the profit generated by expenses and sales. Later, look at the due taxes, such as banking, bills, and sales and purchase taxes. Take the certificates from all of the places where you paid the tax. Collect all of the taxes you\’ve paid and summarise the total amount you\’ve paid.

3 – Evaluate your Assets and Expenses:

Make a realistic assessment of your assets, regardless of where they came from or were acquired. Cars, buildings, property, currencies, gold, and other valuables are common. Make a preliminary estimate of your expenses, such as energy, gas, water, transportation, taxes, and aids. Please remember that this is a rough estimate, so there will be some ups and downs.

4 – Register in IRIS System


To become a tax filer in Pakistan, you must first register in the IRIS system via the FBR website. Click on one of the E-Enrollment people, and the form will appear as seen below. Please fill out the form completely and submit it. You must file a text return after entering this system, and you will be assigned to a weak as a filler. a tax preparer

How to Check the Status of Your Filer

You must check your name on the list once you have successfully applied to become a filler. Here are some ideas for how to go about it.

Go to the FBR website, get the list of active taxpayers, and manually search for your name in the list.

Second, type ATL followed by your CNIC and sent it to the number 9966. A tax will be mailed to you, verifying your inclusion in the list.

Finally, go to the FBR website and select the taxpayer list option. Your tax status will be displayed in minutes if you enter your CNIC.

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