How to Renew Passport Online in Pakistan 2022

How to Renew Passport Online in Pakistan 2022

The main entrance for passport immigration is e-Service, which allows you to renew your passport online. It is feasible to renew your passport when you are busy or out of the country. You may renew your passport online in as little as 15 minutes. Make sure you have everything you need, as indicated below. In this post we discussed about How to Renew Passport Online in Pakistan.

Renew Passport Online Procedure

This procedure is only for renewing a passport via the internet. The cancellation of a passport and creating a new passport are not available online.

Documents to Support:

A copy of your CNIC is required.

Obtain a copy of the first two pages of your previous passport.

In the case of a minor, the minor form must be attested.

If you are a government employee, you will need a NOC.

Provide CNIC of parents, NICOP, a copy of B-form, grand ship certificate, and a copy of death certificate for minors (under the age of 18). (if father or mother is dead).

Armed forces, government employees, and autonomous bodies must all provide a letter of authorization. (For government workers)

Pre-Application Requests

Make sure you have the following items before renewing your passport online.

To begin, go to the official site of the DGI&P online services and download the fingerprint form.

Then, using black ink, carefully fill out the application form.

After that, make a thumb impression on the paper and check for smudges.

Now, submit photos with a 5MB file size and a white background.

Furthermore, you must have a Visa and Debit card for the online application.

Finally, make sure you have all of the necessary supporting documentation.


To begin, go to the DGI&P official website and register.

Second, fill out the essential information to register. An SMS will be sent to the specified number if you are in Pakistan. When you leave Pakistan, all of the information will be given to you by email.

Finally, complete the application form for your machine renewal passport by supplying all the required information.

How to Renew Passport Online in Pakistan

Now you must provide a correct and valid address.

Pay the price for your passport later using a debit or credit card.

After that, they will request personal information from you. To avoid future disputes, provide correct information.

You must post images that fulfill the required size and criteria here.

Then, upload all of the relevant supporting documents and fingerprint forms.

After that, scan the form at 600 DPI in JPEG and upload it.

Finally, review and submit your application.

Fee Structure:

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