How To Get Marriage Certificate From Nadra In Pakistan| Details

How To Get Marriage Certificate From Nadra In Pakistan Details

Some departments are playing an important role in improving Pakistan and its people. In this sense, NADRA is one of the departments that provide the Pakistani public with various services and credentials. If a Pakistani citizen wishes to live in Pakistan, he must register with NADRA. This body issues various certificates, the most prominent of which are the Birth Registration Certificate and the Marriage Registration Certificate. The NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate (MRC) is a vital and powerful document in Pakistan. It is a document that proves a couple\’s marriage record in Pakistan.¬† In this post know about how to get marriage certificate from nadra.

There are two sorts of marriage certificates often used in Pakistan: Urdu Nikkah Nama and English Marriage Certificate. The NADRA Marriage Certificate is now a fully digitised and authenticated document that may be utilised in all legal forums. I\’ll go over both forms of marriage certificates in-depth in this article. The steps and papers needed to obtain a NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate Online are outlined below.

Need of NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate

The requirement for MRC is critical for Pakistani residents because it can be used for a variety of purposes. The following are some of them:

  1. In foreign countries to prove marriage contract
  2. For immigration purpose
  3. To get family Visa
  4. In Divorce matters
  5. In all legal matters

1 – Certificate of Nikkah Nama/Manual

When the wedding takes place, and the marriage is solemnised by a nikkah khawan, also known as a molvi, he enters all of the bride and groom\’s information and the names of two witnesses Nikkah Nama. This document comes in three copies, one for the married pair and the other two for NADRA and the Union Council as a record. The Muslim family law ordinance of 1961 makes it mandatory for married people to receive Nikkah Nama. Here\’s an example of an Urdu Nikah Nama.


2 – Marriage Registration Certificate from NADRA

You can receive a NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate if you have an Urdu nikah Nama from a nikah khawan. To obtain a NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate, the Urdu Nikkah Nama is use. It\’s a computerised record that includes all of the details regarding married people. The NADRA does not directly issue marriage certificates; instead, it uses a separate system.

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Issuing Authorities for Marriage Certificates

The following are the higher authorities in Pakistan that grant this certificate:

The Union Council is a non-profit organisation.

Office of the TMA

Office of the Cantonment Board

Islamabad\’s Arbitration Council


Documents required for getting MRC

Before visiting any NARDA office, you should know the paperwork required to obtain a NADRA MRC. The following are some of them:

Copy of the groom\’s CNIC

Bride\’s CNIC

Copy of the bride\’s mother and father\’s CNIC

Groom\’s mother and father\’s CNIC copies

Molvi\’s CNIC copy (Nikkah Khawan)

Manual Marriage Certificate Copies (Nikkah Nama)

Process to Get NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate in Pakistan:

You must first prepare all of the paperwork stated above.

After that, you should contact the appropriate issuing authorities in your area.

Before issuing a NADRA marriage certificate, the authorities will offer you an application form.

Submit the required documents and a completed application form and the required cost.

After that, you must read the certificate you received and double-check all of your contents to see whether they are correct. Check the information on your marriage certificate against your formal paperwork.

If the issuing office makes a mistake, you can request rectification.

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