How to Get UAE Driving License

How to Get UAE Driving License

how to get uae driving license. If you’re from a developing country, obtaining a driving licence in Abu Dhabi may be difficult. Due to rigorous regulations throughout the United Arab Emirates, many people who relocate to Abu Dhabi encounter significant difficulties when obtaining a driving licence (UAE).

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Everything you need to understand before applying for a driving licence in Abu Dhabi is as follows:

Minimum Age

  • The minimum age for driving in Abu Dhabi varies depending on the type of vehicle:
    • Cars: the minimum age for the driving test is 18 years old, but you can learn to drive at 17 years and six months.
    • Motorcycles or vehicles for disabled persons: Minimum age is 17 years old.
    • Heavy vehicles or tractors: Minimum age is 20 years old.
    • Buses: Minimum age is 21 years old.

People from 32 approved countries, including the US, UK, Germany, France, New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and China, are automatically qualified for UAE’s driving license.

However, non-approved countries like Pakistan, India, and the Philippines, must complete the required process.

How to Apply as a First Timer

First-time driving license applicants must complete the following steps:

  • Take an eye test at either Yateem or Al Jaber opticians.
  • Upload a copy of their Emirates ID and the eye test report on the Tamm app.
  • Pay AED 200 ($54) to a customer service executive at Tamm.
  • Install the UAE Pass app.
  • Wait for approval, after which they’ll be asked to go to Emirates Driving Company.

The validity of a driving license depends on the driver’s age and status:

  • For new drivers or those under 21, the license is initially valid for two years.
  • After renewal, the license is valid for 5 years for expats and 10 years for UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nationals.

Driving Classes for New Applicants

To obtain a valid Abu Dhabi driving license, new drivers and those unable to transfer their home country license must complete the following steps:

  • Take theory and practical classes.
  • Pass the driving test.

When opening a file with a driving school, the following documents are required:

  • Copy of passport.
  • Original Emirates ID plus a copy.
  • Two photographs.
  • Tamm app file number.
  • Letter of no objection from the sponsor.
  • If an applicant is 18 years old, their guardian’s documents and a no-objection letter are also required.

There are numerous choices available from Emirates Driving Company to get a licence. A one-time exam charge of $25 will be added to the total cost, along with a 5% VAT. The table below provides information on theory classes:

Course OptionCourse DurationNumber of Theory ClassesFee (AED)
Regular4 days8 (2 per day)830
Intensive2 days8 (4 per day)1,050
VIP Silver1 day21,530

Here’s the table showing details of practical classes:

Course OptionCourse DurationLessons per DayTotal LessonsFee (AED)
Beginner Level – No Experience
Regular16 days1162,750
Intensive8 days2162,905
VIP Silver6 days3183,705
Intermediate Level – 1-5 Years of Experience
Regular13 days1132,145
Intensive7 days2142,345
VIP Silver5 days3153,145
Upper Intermediate Level – 5+ Years of Experience
Regular10 days1101,755
Intensive5 days2101,955
VIP Silver4 days3122,755


Golden Chance

Before lessons begin, candidates from unapproved nations are also offered the opportunity to take written and practical exams. A driving licence will be issued to the applicant once they pass these examinations. If they fail, they must go to the classes.

Driving License Fee

Applicants under 21 can purchase a 1-year driving licence for AED 100. The cost is AED 300 with a 5-year validity period for anyone over 21. how to get uae driving license


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