How To Register For Insaf Imdad Package 2022

How To Register For Insaf Imdad Package 2022

The PTI government continues to try new approaches to assist deserving persons who have been affected by the COVID Lockdown. Insaf Imdad Package is one of the projects that arose due to the COVID issue. Punjab\’s Chief Minister, Usman Buzdar, has unveiled this package, separated into several sections.

This Post is a must-read if you are unaware of this package and believe you are deserving of it. The government has approved this scheme as part of Prime Minister Ehsaas\’s Ehsaas Program to assist needy individuals during this tough period. Let\’s take a closer look at this program.

How To Register For Insaf Imdad Package?

The qualified households would be provided 12000 Rs under the Insaf Imdad Package to cover 2500 000/- people. If you want to acquire access to this bundle, you must take a few simple steps. Let\’s have a look at those in more detail below.

How to Fill Out an Online Application

Instead of going there, you can enroll in this package from the comfort of your own home. There are several procedures to take to enroll online.

Send an SMS to 8070 with the text \”Imdad….CNIC… Mobile Number… Full Name\” if you want to enroll from your phone. Your enrolment will confirmed through email.

The alternative option is to use the Insaf Imdad App, available on Google Play. Fill out the relevant information on the app, and you\’ll be ready to enroll in this program in no time.

Last but not least, visit their website at

As a result, there are a few simple actions to benefit from this fantastic package specifically created for low-income families. In a meeting chaired by CM BUzdar, this package was authorized for ten billion rupees.

More information

CM discussed this package in detail at a meeting to avoid any misunderstandings. He also mentioned that we are now accepting online applications. The user can send applications and resolve concerns about this package using the official Insaf Imdad App.

Every user will be fully informed, and complaints will considered while strong measures are taken. As a result, take advantage of this package by submitting online applications through the link provided above. In this difficult moment, the government makes every effort to assist poor and needy families.

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