‘I Ain’t Lesbian’: Mathira Wants Girls To Stop Sending Her Their Pictures

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The issue of lesbianism has been a burning topic in the media for quite some time now. While many celebrities have made statements about their views on same-sex relationships, model and actress Mathira stirred up a hornet’s nest after she posted ‘I ain’t lesbian’ and other comments on her Instagram account.

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Mathira, a well-known actress and host, has been very active recently, not just on social media but also on our television screens. For a long time, the actress has been linked to a private television channel.

Mathira held a Q&A session with her fans on the photo-sharing platform Instagram lately. Fans posed questions to the actress regarding both her professional and personal lives.

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One of the inquiries was about her divorce. The actress responded that she and her ex-husband were not the same people. However, she went on to say that her divorce from her husband had improved her life.

“Allah has better things in store for him and me but we were not meant to be together. Our time was to part ways,” she said.


The Sirf Tum Hi To Ho actress was also asked whether she is into girls. To this question, Mathira replied: “No, I ain’t lesbian.” She clarified that she is straight and request girls to stop sending her their pictures.


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