Iffat Umar Sets The Temperature High In Black

Iffat Umar Sets Temperature
Iffat Umar Sets Temperature

Iffat Umar Sets Temperature: One of Pakistan’s top actors, models, and well-known hosts is Iffat Umar. She has a long history in Pakistani show business and has done a good job providing her services. It would be accurate to describe her as a versatile Pakistani actress.

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In 1990, Iffat Umar began her acting career. Her renown increased even more when she gained the public’s hearts as Aapa Ji in the drama serial Mohabbat Aag Si. She is seen hosting TV shows, participating in modeling photo shoots, and performing.

Iffat Umar Sets Temperature

On the other hand, Iffat Umar receives criticism for supporting feminism in Pakistan on social media rather frequently. She participates in and celebrates Aurat March Day each year in March to demonstrate her support for women. She was once again spotted in Lahore celebrating Aurat March this year.

We’ll talk about the pictures of Pakistani actress Iffat Umar dressed in black and Western-style attire that went viral in today’s article. The images show her participating in celebrations without pants and taking selfies. After seeing these images, people apologized and said, “May Allah guide Pakistani women.”


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