People Regret On watching Tere Bin After Episode 46

People Regret On watching Tere Bin After Episode 46
People Regret On watching Tere Bin After Episode 46

People Regret On watching Tere Bin: The most-watched drama series in Pakistan is Tere Bin. The drama has had tremendous success in a brief amount of time. There are now 46 episodes of the drama airing. Fans are enamored with Meerab and Murtasim’s love story, but many are now dissatisfied with the drag of the drama. Fans are upset since the plot does not include Meerab and Murtasim’s reconciliation or love story.

The most anticipated romantic scenes between Meerab and Murtasim were meant to be featured in Episode 46 of Tere Bin, but instead, Haya and Murtasim had a private moment that Meerab managed to capture. In the scene, Murtasim accidentally gives Haya a hug. When Meerab slapped Murtasim, the situation became out of the couple’s control. Here is a link to the video:

Fans didn’t appreciate this pointless sequence, I guess. They disapproved of Meerab’s treatment of Murtasim. Fans lamented that despite their extended wait for a resolution, Meerab continued to act foolishly. They disapproved of Meerab striking Murtasim. They questioned the author’s mental state while she wrote this serial. A few fans expressed their displeasure with the drama plot and suggested that it should now come to an end because there is nothing interesting being shown. The worst episode, according to viewers, is episode 46, and following such scenes, the show has become poisonous. They claim that the show is now ruined. Fans are also upset with Nooran Makhdoom for destroying the scripts for Murtasim and Meerab. After seeing the harmful sights, many people declared they wouldn’t watch. We’ve gathered fan feedback here for you. Check out the comments:

Tere Bin Episode 46 Annoys Fans After Meerab Slaps Murtasim

Is Tere Bin bringing Marital Rape to the story?

Is Marital Rape going to be a part of Tere Bin? Internet users reacted negatively after seeing the latest episode of the popular drama serial, which depicted the lives of mismatched couple Meerub and Murtasim becoming increasingly complicated. “Well for God’s sake, why do the producers have to turn soaps R-rated when we do not have an aged rating added to content running on entertainment channels?”

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