Here’s How Much Former Cricketers are Earning as Pension From PCB

Imran Khan Pension

Imran Khan Pension : The PCB Players’ Welfare Policy, which governs the pension payments made to retired Test cricketers each month, has been made public by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

According to the information, the cricket body provides 63 former cricketers with monthly pension payments of Rs. 9,276,000.

Up to 24 former cricket players receive a monthly salary of Rs. 154,000, while seven cricketers receive a pension payment of Rs. 148,000. Each month, 32 cricketers receive Rs. 142,000.

Imran Khan Pension

Imran Khan, a former Test cricketer who is now the former prime minister, also earns Rs. 154,000 a month as a professional cricketer, along with Javed Miandad, Wasim Bari, Zaheer Abbas, and Mushtaq Mohammad.

The former PCB Chairman Ramiz Raja made a significant policy change in May last year by announcing an increase of Rs. 100,000 for each of the three pension categories.

A monthly pension of Rs. 142,000 will now be paid to cricketers who have played 10 or fewer Tests, Rs. 148,000 to those who have played 11 to 20 Tests, and Rs. 154,000 to those who have played 21 or more Tests as a result of the increase.

It is important to note that cricketers 60 and older will benefit from the revisions to the PCB Players’ Welfare Policy that took effect on July 1, 2022.

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