Imran Khan’s ‘phone se*’ audio clip leaked, PTI calls it fake

Imran Khan's 'phone se' audio clip leaked, PTI calls it fake

Imran Khan phone audio clip leaked: Imran Khan, the leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, is currently embroile in another controversy after a recording of a “se* discussion” between him and a woman was post online. Syed Ali Haider, a Pakistani journalist, posted the two-part audio tape on his YouTube page. The audio tape features a man who is allegedly the former Pakistani prime minister using vulgar language with a woman.

The allegedly private chat between Imran Khan, leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), and the woman is capture in the leaked audio tape. It’s thought that one of the two audio clips that have gain popularity on social media is older. The second video, reported to be more recent, shows Imran allegedly beckoning a woman to approach him.

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Imran Khan phone audio clip leaked

The woman declined, but Imran allegedly insisted that she comply. Then, allegedly, the woman says, “What have you done to me, Imran? No, I can’t go.” However, when the woman mentions coming to see him the following day later in the clip, Imran responds by saying, “I’ll have to adjust my plans for the next day.” Unexpectedly, the woman is heard in the allege audio clip explaining that she can’t see him because “her private parts are in pain.”

The woman in the video informs Imran that, if her health permits, she will try to meet him the next day. The former Pakistani prime minister allegedly responds, “Due to the arrival of my family and kids, I will check to see whether it is possible. I’ll make an effort to postpone their visit. Tomorrow, I’ll let you know.”

The audio tape, which has gained widesprea popularity, is the most recent in a string of allegedly leake talks that Imran Khan has been link to since he was remove from office earlier this year. He claimed that the military establishment and the current coalition government were working together to sabotage him. In the past, audio from Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Office leaked. While Imran receives harsh criticism nationwide, social media users share the alleged footage.

Journalist and South Asia correspondent Naila Inayat tweeted that Imran Khan has changed into Emraan Hashmi due to the allegedly leaked sex conversation transcripts. In a tweet, journalist Hamza Azhar Salam wrote, “Khan sb can do whatever he wants in his personal life, but I hope he will stop portraying himself as some type of role model Muslim leader for the entire Ummah.” The allegedly leaked audio records have caused a stir in Pakistan. While it hasn’t been confirm whether the viral recording belongs to Imran Khan, it is assume from the conversational manner that he does. According to his party, the PTI, the alleged audio leaks were an effort to harm his reputation. According to PTI leader Dr. Arslan Khalid, the PTI chairman’s political opponents could not fathom beyond producing phony audio tapes and movies.

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