Imran Khan\’s Latest Remarks On Sexual Violence Cause Furore On Social Media

Imran Khan's Latest Remarks On Sexual Violence Cause Furore On Social Media

Imran Khan\’s new controversial words on Sexual Violence against women elicited a barrage of angry responses on social media, with netizens labeling his remarks as \”victim-blaming.\”  Because of his provocative choice of words, Prime Minister Imran Khan\’s speeches constantly draw a lot of attention. However, he made a statement against filthy content in the media a while back. And it was met with a lot of backlashes. Today, Prime Minister Imran Khan is in the spotlight for comments that appear to make him a rape apologist.

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In an HBO interview with Axios, Khan remarked

In the interview with HBO, he said that if women wear few clothes, there will be an impact on men. Well, that is understandable because if good looking men wear revealing and fitted clothes, women will also attract to them. But then the PM went on and said the problematic statement. When the interviewer asked that does the PM think that the dresses of women lead to sexual violence (aka rape), he replies that it depends on society. However, the statement implied that in our society it does.

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journalist Gharida Farooqi

According to official figures, at least 11 rape attacks occur every day in Pakistan. With over 22,000 cases recorded to the police in the last six years. However, only 77 of the accused have found guilty, accounting for approximately 0.3 percent of the total.

Public Reaction On PM Statement

This statement shocked and disappointed many people. Bloggers, celebrities, and well-known people, in general, made it a point to convey their feelings in the hopes that the general public would not hold the same views as the Prime Minister.

Obi aka Osman Khalid Butt explained it well. He said attraction, desire, temptation is normal because yes, men are not robots. However, rape is not about emotions, it is about power, dominance, and lack ofempathy.


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