Upcoming iPhone 15 is rumored to feature faster 5G processor

Upcoming iPhone 15 is rumored to feature faster 5G processor

Rumor is that the upcoming iPhone 15 will have a quicker 5G processor.

  • Apple is anticipated to improve from the Snapdragon X65 featured in the current iPhone 14 lineup.
  • Industry insider Jeff Pu predicts that Apple will continue to use Qualcomm for the iPhone 16\’s 5G modems.
  • We might see an Apple-made phone with a complete set of CPUs in 2025.
  • The iPhone 15 is still the subject of early rumors since the iPhone 14 was only released last month.
  • There have been signs about what to anticipate in the upcoming year. The 5G CPU in the iPhone 15 is the most recent intriguing prediction.

According to industry expert Jeff Pu, Apple is anticipated to switch from the Snapdragon X65 present in the current iPhone 14 line-up to the Snapdragon X70 to enable its 5G capabilities (via MacRumors).

iPhone 15

The updated processor uses less power and has lower latency. Additionally, it includes several AI optimizations that should increase speeds and coverage accuracy wherever a phone is.

In a related development, it is well known that Apple manufactures its own 5G modem, much as it does with the iPhone\’s processors. Pu anticipates that Apple won\’t release a 5G chip for some time.

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According to Pu, Apple will continue to use Qualcomm for the 5G modems it needs for the iPhone 16 in 2024. That ought to be the Snapdragon X75; however, as of now, we have no information about it.

Then, in 2025, we might observe a phone equipped with an entire set of Apple-produced chips. So, consider this the initial rumor on the iPhone 17. We\’ll inform you about all iPhone leaks and speculations while waiting.

Since many years ago, Apple has produced chipsets for the iPhone, iPad, and current Macs.

One of the few external parts on the iPhone is the 5G modem, but Apple wants to change that. It did so in 2019 by purchasing Intel\’s 5G modem division.

It is taking longer than anticipated to switch. In 2023, an Apple 5G chip appears doubtful.

Apple believes that by creating its own hardware and software, it would be able to create products that are smoother and more effective.


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