King Charles III narrowly escaped death during key event, documentary reveals

King Charles III narrowly escaped death during key event, documentary reveals

A new documentary has shown that King Charles III, the father of Princes William and Harry, might have perished while watching the raising of the Mary Rose, a famous flagship, live on television.

King Henry VIII\’s 34-year-old flagship, the Mary Rose, sank in 1545 while engaged in combat with a French fleet. In October 1982, the wreckage discovered in the Solent\’s depths in 1971 was finally dug out.

Charles, the future King of Britain, and the eldest son of the late Queen, was present to witness the enormous undertaking. But it was there that, according to a recent documentary, he nearly averted what might have been a tragic disaster, according to Express UK.

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Near Charles, a portion of the massive Tog Mor crane, which is Gaelic for \”great lift,\” and the barge collapsed during the operation. When it crashed, the frame of the Mary Rose nearly smashed as it broke away close to where the then-Prince of Wales had been standing as he was going to view the ship up close.

Involved in the operation and present for Charles\’ close call, Royal Engineer Jack Frost recalled how everything fell silent as the frame detached.

According to the documentary, Charles persuaded the multi-millionaire owner of Howard Doris, an offshore construction engineering firm, to borrow the well-known floating crane, whose current rental rate is roughly £80,000, about double what it cost back in the day.


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