Jatta Daal Wala Mazang Lahore

Jatta Daal Wala Mazang Lahore

The Lahori people enjoy eating. The only prerequisite for their special meal is that it must be delicious; they don\’t care whether it complies with cleanliness regulations or not. Therefore, the Jatta Daal Wala in the inhabited region of Mazang, Lahore, is in a similar situation. The hygiene of the food at Jatta Daal Wala\’s store is in doubt due to an exposed drain, but the Lahoris don\’t seem to care.

Jatta Daal Wala\’s proprietors in Lahore are Nadeem and Billa\’s, brothers. Their father, Muhammad Siddique, was the original owner of this store and came from a Jatt family. The majority of people referred to him as \”Jatt Saab,\” which led to the emergence of the moniker \”Jatta Daal Wala.\”

The shop of Jatta Daal Wala is not fancy and the sitting is of benches that are made of steel. Food is served in the steel utensils and roti in Chaabi.

According to the proprietor, Nadeem, the shop has been open for over 65 years, and the Daal still has the same flavour. He claimed that since the store opened, they had been buying Desi Ghee from a trader in Sahiwal, who uses special, pure Desi Ghee to make the Daal.

In Lahore, Jatta Daal Wala is well-known, especially among those who enjoy eating Indian food. Their consumers believe their Daal is the best available, and no other daal has a better flavour than Jatta Daal Wala\’s.

The restaurant also provides Desi Murgha Daal and Mutton Daal in addition to the Daal. The single store for Jatta Daal is in Mazang Adda; they do not have any other locations.

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According to Nadeem, they begin preparing the Daal at 7:30 am and finish it by 11 am. Additionally, the shop begins to fill up by 1 pm, and all their food is gone by 4 to 5 pm. The proprietor further stated that no special orders are accepted for any type of event and that they only offer Daal at their shop.

Jatta Daal Wala\’s prices

Locally Lahore is providing the Jatta Daal Wala pricing list to benefit our readers. Prices are listed below:

Daal with Full Plate: Rs. 220

Daal half-plate: 110 rupees

Mutton Full Plate: Rs. 1,300

Mutton Half Plate: Rs. 650

Mutton 1 Boti: 350 Rupees

Rs. 1000 for a full plate of Desi Murgha

Rs. 500 for a half-plate of Desi Murhga

Price per chicken leg: Rs. 350

Raita: 20 rupees

Salad: 20 rupees

When you visit the Jatta Daal Wala, prices may change.

Contact Number and Address

Phone number: +923004254355

Address: Mozang Chungi, Lahore, Pakistan (Punjab 54000)


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