Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Has Feminists To Blame For His Leaked Call

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Has Feminists To Blame For His Leaked Call

Recently, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has been under fire and criticism due to leaked audio. His arrogance in refuting the accusations has incensed the populace. They believe it to be crystal clear and unmistakable that the audio is not altered. Additionally, his failure with feminists harmed him quite a bit. But once more, Qamar holds feminists accountable for the leaked slanderous audio.

The audio leak caused quite a stir on social media and raised many questions. Netizens harshly criticized Qamar for allegedly engaging in extramarital relations with a married woman.

However, the author has a lot to say in his defense.

In a recent interview post video leakage he said

“I want to clarify one thing, this will be the only time I will be addressing the ongoing controversy. I don’t offer explanations. When I previously had issues with feminists, I came to know there are some serious issues that are going on which are in dire need to be addressed. So, they (feminists) had two ways to go about this.”

He further added

“First, they could have a conversation with me about the problems, but they couldn’t converse (in a civilized manner). So, when there are no conversations, the other way around it is to abuse. Since these feminists are a paid group and they would do anything to keep their jobs, they would resort to such tactics.”

He went on to say,

“They ‘planted’ programmes, they tried to insult me. It did affect me and my family since I was never the one to birth controversies. I was warned previously by many that I shouldn’t call people on their sim cards as the phone calls could get leaked. I didn’t care about it, I still don’t.”

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar revealed that this audio is old and it had been released before as well to defame him.

“I thought this was a new one but this was an old leaked audio call, which had surfaced on social media some three years ago. It’s just getting new hype.”

Khalil further commented about feminists

“The feminists would never have won with arguments and conversations, so they have resorted to character assassination. I know who has made this ‘fake’ call. I just want to say that I will keep on talking to other women still, just don’t link me with married women.”

He laughed and concluded

“Make all the calls viral if you want to, but don’t pair me with a married woman. I have so many women coming to me – married and unmarried. Who is this married woman who is still yet to reach me? I don’t fear anyone but the Almighty. And after him, I’m scared of my wife. I will keep on doing this and no one can stop me.”

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