US President Joe Biden Mean For Pakistan?

What Does Joe Biden as a New US President
What Does Joe Biden as a New US President

Democratic candidate Joe Biden created history on Saturday as he flipped three central states to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump to be elected as the 46th US President.

Joe Biden is an old diplomat and has cordial relations with Pakistan. And that is why Pakistan is inherent to him.


In 2008, Pakistan award Biden the second-highest civilian honor, \’Hilal-e-Pakistan. Joe Biden and Senator Richard Lugar favored a proposal to bring $ 1.5 billion non-military aid to Pakistan. Lugar was also awarded \’Hilal-e-Pakistan.\’

Asif Ali Zardari, the then President of Pakistan, thanked the two for \”consistently supporting Pakistan.\”

Their efforts to strengthen the US-Pakistan relationship later culminated in the famous Kerry-Lugar-Berman Act 2009 after Senator Kerry became the Chairman of SFRC. Biden\’s action was to improve the political and economic situation in Pakistan for regional stability.

Likewise, Biden also sees Pakistan as a valuable and trustful ally in the Afghan problem. Shuja Nawaz, in his recent book \”The Battle for Pakistan,\”. Recalls that during his visit to Kabul as the vice president of the US. Biden gave a \’shut-up call\’ to Hamid Karzai when the latter demanded that the US pressurize Pakistan diplomatically to curb its support for the Afghan Taliban. Biden countered this by asserting that \”Pakistan is fifty times more important than Afghanistan for the US.\”

However, according to experts, a trilateral dialogue under US oversight is the likely option the Biden administration would choose. A quasi-autonomous arrangement also deemed unfavorable by Islamabad.

Furthermore, a change in the White House can also alter Pakistan\’s relationship with its hostile eastern neighbour. India has enjoyed diplomatic leverage under the Trump administration. Since the last Indian elections, its opposing narrative towards Pakistan and the unilateral annulment of Article 370, revoking Kashmir\’s special autonomy, relatively went unheard in Washington.

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The Trump administration openly supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi\’s ambitions to contain the rising Chinese influence. Culminating in a $3 billion arms deal earlier this year between the two countries. Such a diplomatic romance between the US and India has alienated Pakistan and raised a red flag in Beijing, resulting in numerous skirmishes and diplomatic spats between the three nuclear-armed neighbors in South Asia.


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