Junaid Safdar surrounded by PTI supporters in London, video goes viral

Junaid Safdar surrounded by PTI supporters in London, video goes viral
Junaid Safdar surrounded by PTI supporters in London, video goes viral

During a conversation with Nawaz Sharif\’s grandson, Junaid Safdar, the PTI\’s overseas activists were attacked by the guards of the PML-N leader and former prime minister.

Maryam Nawaz, the vice president of the PML-N, is now in London. Thus overseas PTI protesters have been organising ongoing demonstrations against the Sharif family in front of Nawaz Sharif\’s home.

In the most recent incident, Nawaz Sharif\’s security guards accosted Overseas PTI activist Shayan Ali and his colleagues, protesters and activists while they were speaking with Maryam Nawaz\’s son Junaid Safdar.

On social media, videos of the incident are becoming very popular. Junaid Safdar and Shayan Ali may be seen happily conversing in the footage.

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By all means, exercise your right to demonstrate, but do it in a peaceful and dignified manner, advised Junaid Safdar. Shayan Ali was then violently shoved away by Nawaz Sharif\’s security, who had just arrived on the scene.

Twitter users disagreed with Junaid Safdar\’s response

Interestingly, opinions about Junaid Safdar\’s response on Twitter are divided. On the one side, he is receiving acclaim for his \”soft diplomacy,\” in which he engages the PTI activists in civil discourse while showing respect for their right to demonstrate.

However, Junaid Safdar is also receiving criticism for remaining silent as Nawaz Sharif\’s security is abusing Shayan Ali. Instead of ordering the PTI activists to stop being attacked by Nawaz Sharif\’s guards, Junaid Safdar can be seen in the video doing just that.

Nawaz Sharif\’s security personnel has previously attacked foreign PTI protesters. Since he moved to London in 2019, Nawaz Sharif has struggled with overseas PTI activists who continue to demonstrate against him.

Nawaz Sharif\’s bodyguards allegedly assaulted female protesters in London.


Outside of Nawaz Sharif\’s office and home in London, a group of PTI activists frequently gathers to yell anti-Nawaz Sharif slogans and stage demonstrations. As a result, fights frequently occur between PTI activists and Nawaz Sharif\’s bodyguards.

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