Consumer Court: How To File A Complaint To Get Your Money Back For Faulty Product

Consumer Court How To File A Complaint To Get Your Money Back For Faulty Product

Consumer Court: Most of us have undoubtedly experienced online retail fraud at least once in our lives. Although it has greatly facilitated life, online buying is not without risk.

Sometimes, merchants may promise one thing and deliver another, or the goods won\’t be as good as they said. Additionally, even if you purchase anything from your neighborhood market, there is a potential that it will eventually turn out to be defective.

Many individuals are unaware of your legal right to sue retailers who sell defective goods and recover your money. Consumer courts are what these courts are known as.

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This article will outline the procedure for submitting a complaint to the consumer court.

Step 1: 15 Days Legal Notice to Service Provider

Before filing a lawsuit, the consumer must give the manufacturer of the defective good a 15-day legal notice on plain paper. Within 15 days of receiving legal notice, the service provider must compensate the customer for damages if the complaint is valid.

Before going to court, a 15-day legal notice must be served. A complaint must be filed in court within 30 days of the cause of action developing.

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Step 2: Filing a Case at the Consumer Court

Within the following 15 days, the customer should claim against the vendor on plain paper with a copy of their CNIC, a receipt, and proof of the product in question if the issue is not handled through legal notice. You can simply register a complaint on a blank piece of paper; there is no need to retain legal counsel. Furthermore, the entire procedure is free of charge.


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