17 year Old Boy Gets Stabbed To Death in Quetta

17 year Old Boy Gets Stabbed To Death in Quetta

A young man name Jibran was kill in Quetta near the Askari Petrol Pump on the airport road.

He was stabb in the throat and was taken to the hospital. But due to a lot of blood loss, he succumb to his death. However, Jibran had gotten involve in a fight against a man named Hubair Khan Kakar, who was harassing Jibran’s female friend.

What Really Happened?

Jibran was reportedly involving in a fight with a man named Hubair Khan Kakar over a petty dispute. Kakar was harassing a female friend of the decease teenager and was allegedly drunk and high on drugs when he stabbed him.

Jibran’s friends said that Kakar belongs to an influential family of doctors and commissioners. There are high chances of the case being close and the culprit walking away free, without any justice being served.

Response on social Media #JusticeforJibran

Many have taken to social media to spread awareness about the incident and have started trending the hashtag #JusticeforJibran on Twitter. They urged law enforcement agencies to take action and provide justice to the teenager.


Meanwhile, the Balochistan government and the centre are yet to say a word on the matter. Such brutality and injustice should not be neglect at any level. The people of Balochistan feel that they are always neglect by the government. As well as media when it comes to helping them over such incidents.

However, This is not the first time that we have come across such an incident. There are several such cases in Pakistan

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