Kartarpura Sehri Rawalpindi – The Best Desi Food in Town

Kartarpura Sehri Rawalpindi – The Best Desi Food in Town
Kartarpura Sehri Rawalpindi – The Best Desi Food in Town

Kartarpura Sehri Rawalpindi : In Rawalpindi, next to Kartarpura Rd, is the Kartarpura Bazaar, which is renowne for its extensive selection of delectables from India.

Kartarpura is a mecca for delectable food, from the fabled Kala Khan Nihari, which sells out in hours, to the creamy lassi from the Sheikh Lassi Master.

These are our top 8 recommendations for sehri meals from Kartarpura to ensure you don’t miss out on the best things.

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Kartarpura Sehri – Dishes to Try Out 

The following eight Kartarpura delicacies are a must-try on your upcoming sehri. Dishes that are popular food channels like Cyber Tv, My Village Food Secrets, Street Food PK, etc. enjoy, are mentioned below.

  • Kala Khan Nihari
  • Akbar Jee Siri Paye & Chana
  • Sufi Naan Center 
  • Shakeel Lahori Chaney
  • Sheikhs Lassi Master 
  • Billa Kachori and Halwa Puri
  • Al Madina Milk Shop 
  • Shahinshah Shinwari 

Let’s now examine each restaurant in Kartarpura one by one.

The Most Excellent Nihari, Kala Khan

1 – Kala Khan – The Most Delicious Nihari 

The Kala Khan Nihari may be prepared in hours and is delicious. People go from Pakistan to sample this nihari because they are eager to do so.

The restaurant has no other outposts and a distinctive flavor that is unmatched by any other. Green chiles, ginger, and freshly baked naan are included with the Kala Khan Nihari.

Call 0323 5214554.

2 – Akbar Jee Siri Paye & Chana

The restaurant offers several sehri dishes, including Chana, Paye, Lassi, and others. The cooks are dressed in customary garb to honor their cultural background.

Their variety and reputation for high-quality food make for a satisfying sehri. Your spirit will appreciate you trying out their chana and Paye!

3 – Sufi Naan Center – Naan & Khoye Walay Chanay! 

Before Pakistan’s independence, the Sufi Naan Center was already serving naan in Kartarpura.

Its taste reflects its rich historical background. Their secret formula makes their naan incredibly soft, which draws crowds back for more!

Together with their famous naan, they also provide khoye walay chanay, a creamy, light dish.

Phone number: 051-5556627

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4 – Shakeel Lahori Chaney – Tawa Chicken That’s Love! 

Shakeel Lahori Chaney is famous for its mouthwatering tawa chicken, which is first grilled and then fried with spices.

The outcome is the delectable chicken that is unique to this recipe! You can also visit their other brand in Ghouri Town in Islamabad.

5 – Sheikh Lassi Master – Wide Range of Flavors

The Sheikh Lassi Masters are well known for their mouthwatering lassis in distinctive flavors, including chocolate, coffee, dry fruit, special malai, and more!

The chefs are dressed traditionally, giving off a desi vibe.

Call 0324-5235188.

6 – Billa Kachori and Halwa Puri

This establishment is for you if you prefer light halwa and very crispy puri. Crisp, soft, and extremely flavorful describe the fresh puri.

Their halwa is kept straightforwar, and no synthetic coloring is applie.

7 – Al Madina Milk Shop – Thick & Creamy Lassi 

Try the Al Madina Milk Store lassi if you want thick, creamy drinks. They don’t even add water; they use pure dahi that contains all the butter.

Everyone needs just one thick cup of creamy lassi made from pure dahi.

Call 0304-5893644.

8 – Shahinshah Shinwari – Mouthwatering Mutton Karahi 

Visit Shahinshah Shinwari if you like mutton. They offer succulent Reshmi kabab and the tastiest mutton karahi. The mutton is expertly prepare, tasting delicate and spicy.

The Reshmi kebabs are perfectly cook and tender.

Call 051-4855015.


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