Kashmiri Chai Recipe Which Can Be Prepared In 20 Minutes

Kashmiri Chai Recipe Which Can Be Prepared In 20 Minutes

Kashmiri Chai Recipe: Kashmiri Chai, sometimes referred to as Pink Tea in Pakistan and India, is a beverage. That necessitates hours of commitment, focus, physical activity, and tea leaves gathered from a specific area. The Kashmiri Noon Chai is another name for this chai (Salt Tea)

The beverage stands out thanks to its difficult-to-achieve dusty pink colour. Green tea leaves, baking soda, and chopped nuts are use to make the tea. Kashmiri tea is typically prepar by boiling and decreasing it for hours; however, the beverage can also be prepar in 20 minutes, even if it won’t have the same delight.

Things you will need for Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri Chai Recipe
  1. Room Temperature Water enough to let the ingredients float
  2. Ice Water
  3. Milk
  4. Half and Half
  5. Kashmiri Chai Leaves or Non-Bitter Green Tea Leaves, some of the well known and talked about brands are Tapal Gulbahar, Dewan Kashmiri Pink Tea, Food Net Hi Sun, Handi Kashmiri Pink Tea, and Three Rivers.
  6. Whole Spices
  7. Baking Soda, and
  8. Sweetener

How to make the infamous Kashmiri Chai

Spices, Kashmiri chai or green tea leaves, and water at room temperature should all be added to a pan.
Allow the mixture to come to a boil.
Pan with baking soda added. You can keep adding baking soda until you reach the desired colour because baking soda helps with the burgundy colour, which helps create the dusty pink Kashmiri chai colour.
Boil the water almost to evaporation.
Fill the pan with ice water.
Add milk and half-and-half after that. Add more half and a half and less milk to make your Kashmiri chai thicker and vice versa.
Put salt in.
Include sweetener.
After straining it into the serving cups, remove it from the heat.
Add crushed, mixed nuts as a garnish.


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