KE Duplicate Bill – Check and Download K-Electric Bill Online in 2022

KE Duplicate Bill – Check and Download K-Electric Bill Online in 2022

K-electric is a supplier of electrical power. It is the sole business in Karachi that provides electricity to its residents. In Karachi, it supplies power to 22 million people. Being a private corporation, it handles each task, including generation, purchasing, transmission, and distribution. It completes every task by itself. The company generates tonnes of power using gas, fuel, and coal to meet the demands. In this post we discussed about the KE Duplicate Bill.

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Online Procedures for K-Electric Duplicate Bill Generation

K-Electric Duplicate Bill Generation Online Methods

First Approach: K-Electric App

Step 1:

The K-Electric App must be downloaded first. You must search for this within the app on your smartphone. The app can be found on

Step 2: 

Enter the 13-digit PSID number after opening the website.

Step 3:

A date will be added to your new bill.

2nd Method: From


To pay the bill through this method, you can visit

Step 2:

After opening the site, enter the 13-digit PSID number.

Step 3:

Your new bill will be generated with a date.

Third Method : Support for SMS Invoice

This function is very user-friendly. Simply sign up for the monthly bill update through SMS to get started. You must also give the account number for the bill and the phone number where you would want to receive updates. In this manner, each month\’s new bill will be sent to you via SMS before the due date.

Online Procedures for K-Electric Duplicate Bill Generation

4th Method: Using WhatsApp

Customers can also receive a copy of the bill via WhatsApp. K-electric makes every effort to make its customers\’ lives as easy as possible. It has gone above and beyond to ensure the comfort of its clients. Customers can contact the service provider at the following number to request a copy of their K-electric bill.

Whatsapp K-electric: +92-348-0000118

Pay a bill in instalments

Additionally, K-electric accepts instalment payments from its clients. if there is a clear reason they cannot pay the entire sum at once.


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