Malika Sherawat On Deepika’s Intimate Scenes: I Did It 15 Years Ago

Malika Sherawat On Deepika’s Intimate Scenes I Did It 15 Years Ago

Malika Sherawat is pointing out how she was shunne for the same type of work while Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone receives plaudits for her opening moments in the movie Gehraiyaan.

With RK/RKay, the Bollywood performer will return to the big screen. The Hiss actress brought out the double standard of how another actress is receiving praise for the same type of work that she was penalise for 15 years ago while promoting the movie.

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The Myth actress compared Deepika Padukone’s performance in Gehraiyaan with her film Murder, saying;

“I did similar work over 15 years back.”

Malika Sherawat revealed that some of the industry at the time had been emotionally torturing her. How they were unable to see her artistic output past her \”bold image.\”

“Such hue and cry was created when I did Murder. People said all kinds of things about the kiss and the bikini. What Deepika did in Gehraiyaan, I did that 15 years ago, but people were too narrow-minded back then. I should tell you that a section of the industry and media was mentally torturing me. These people only talked about my body and glamour, not my acting. I worked in Dasavatharam, Pyaar Ke Side Effects and Welcome, but none talked about my acting.”

She talked about how certain business people only mentioned her figure and glitz, never her acting. She emphasised the improvements she has noticed in the movie business. based on the actress;

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