7 Best Ways To keep House cool without air conditioning

keep house cool without air conditioning
keep house cool without air conditioning

The hot summers have arrived, coupled with humid weather, and the temperature continues to rise. Maintaining your body temperature is critical in such situations. Simultaneously, some people can do so by staying indoors in the air conditioning. Others, though, are not so enthusiastic. Merely because they don\’t have the option or are trying to keep their budget in check. So, what should you do if you can\’t afford to stay cool in an air conditioner? Let\’s have a look at this list of keep house cool without air conditioning.

Many individuals are trying to stay cool now that summer has officially begun and the temperatures (and humidity) are rising. Some people can just switch on their air conditioning, but this is not an option for everyone. You may be seeking ways to save money on your electric bill or are concerned about the environment. Even if you don\’t have air conditioning, there are a few simple, free—or at least inexpensive—ways to stay cool.

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1 – Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot of water

Whether it\’s juice, Lassi, or a glass of cool water, the best method to protect yourself from rising temperatures and the risk of heatstroke is to drink enough fluids. Assume you have a habit of neglecting to drink water. Invest in a decent water bottle that will remind you to drink enough water while also looking nice. Add some cucumbers and lemon to your bottle for a refreshing boost. Drink water is the best way to keep house cool without air conditioning.

2 – Take a Bath


There\’s a reason why showering every day is so important. Showers not only help to keep you clean, but they also help to cool you down and lower your body temperature. It is better to shower early in the morning or late at night to obtain some cool water without feeling like a boiled egg in the summer. Take a bath is the best way to keep house cool without air conditioning.

3 – Keep Some Cool Washcloths


Use your refrigerator and freezer to their full potential by freezing extra ice cubes and using them to cool down your body. To calm your skin, place these ice cubes in a towel. However, avoid putting ice directly on the body because it might cause burns. Instead, make a washcloth out of cooled water and place it over your body to cool down.

4 – Keep the Sun Out


To avoid your room becoming a sauna, try to keep the sunshine away from it. To prevent excessive heat from entering your rooms, use blinds and curtains. You can also cover your windows with high-reflectivity window films. They have been shown to minimize heat transmission by 5 to 10 degrees Celsius.

5 – Eat the Right Food


Excessive perspiration is the result of mindlessly eating fatty and fried foods. Instead, pay attention to experts and eat light foods. Salads and fruits are the finest foods to eat to keep your body temperature stable.

6 – Place your Fans


Fans do not cool the air. Instead, they move air, which aids in the removal of your body\’s evaporated perspiration. As a result, you should position them to optimum airflow. Install electric fans on your windows to begin (if they open). Set the blowers as high as you can, preferably in the top sash. To draw hot air out of the room, they should face outward. Concentrate your fans in the upper story windows (or at least lower the top sashes of those windows) to let convection pull hot air up and away if you have a two-story house.

7 – Invest In Blackout Curtains If Possible


Blackout curtains block the sun\’s rays, thereby insulating the rooms in which they\’re used. Neutral-colored drapes with white plastic backings, according to Consumer Reports, can minimize heat input by up to 33%. Invest in blackout curtains is the best way to keep house cool without air conditioning

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